September 28, 2022

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022 – Sports car of the future – now available in two body options. The new BMW i8 Roadster and the new BMW i8 Coupe are available to order for starters. Both plug-in hybrid models feature further development of BMW’s eDrive technology, which allows for longer distances and more time in pure electric mode. BMW i8 Roadster world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show in December 2017, market launch from May 2018.

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How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

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The Cheapest Bmw I8 On Autotrader Is Just Under 60k

*The figures for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, power consumption and operating range are determined in accordance with the applicable version of European Regulation (EC) 715/2007. The figures refer to the vehicle with the basic configuration in Germany, and the range shown takes into account the different sizes of selected wheels/tires and selected optional equipment items.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

The values ​​are already based on the new WLTP test cycle and have been translated back to NEDC equivalent values ​​to ensure vehicle comparability. [For these vehicles, vehicle-related taxes or other levies based on CO2 emissions (at least among other things), CO2 values ​​may differ from those shown here (depending on national legislation).]

The CO2 efficiency specifications are determined according to the latest version of Directive 1999/94/EC and Pkw-EnVKV, as well as based on fuel consumption and CO2 values ​​according to the NEDC cycle (classification).

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

Bmw I8 Long Term Review

More detailed information on official fuel consumption figures and specific CO2 emission values ​​for new passenger cars can be found in the following guide: “Leitfaden über den Kraftstoffverbrauch, die CO2-Emissionen und den Stromverbrauch neuer Personenkraftwagen” power) which can be obtained free of charge from all dealers and at

BMW i8 Roadster: fuel consumption in combined mode 2.0 l/100 km; Combined electricity consumption 14.5 kWh/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions 46 g/km.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

BMW i8 coupé: fuel consumption in combined mode 1.8 l/100 km; Combined electricity consumption 14.0 kWh/100 km; Combined CO2 emissions 42 g/km.

The New Bmw I8 Roadster, The New Bmw I8 Coupe

Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and electricity consumption were measured using the methods required by Regulation VO (EC) 2007/715 as amended. They refer to vehicles on the car market in Germany. For the range, the NEDC figures take into account differences in wheel and tire sizes chosen, while the WLTP figures take into account the effect of any optional equipment.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

All figures are calculated based on the new WLTP test cycle. The listed NEDC values ​​are, where applicable, calculated using the NEDC measurement procedure. The WLTP values ​​are used as a basis for determining taxes and other vehicle-related charges, which are (also) based on CO2 emissions and, where applicable, vehicle-specific subsidies. More information on the WLTP and NEDC measurement procedures is also available at

For more information on official fuel consumption figures and official specific CO2 emissions for new cars, please see The i8 Roadster takes all the futuristic features of the coupe and complements it with a sleek body and a folding fabric roof. However, it is more expensive and has two seats instead of four

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

Used Bmw I8 For Sale Near You

The BMW i8 Roadster is the convertible version of the futuristic i8 coupe. It combines supercar-like performance in an attractive package that will attract more attention than the Honda NSX and Audi R8 Spyder at the local gas station.

It’s not like you’ll need to fill up the i8 Roadster very often—it’s a hybrid, after all. Fully charge its batteries (which you can do in three hours using a dedicated wall charger) and you can go about 30 miles in electric-only mode.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

When the battery dies or you put your foot down to accelerate hard, the 1.5 liter turbo petrol engine immediately kicks in to lend a hand. Combined, they produce 374bhp, enough to propel the i8 Roadster from 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 155mph.

Is It Worth Buying A Used Bmw I8 In 2022?

In Sport mode, the petrol engine is always on, helping the BMW to feel more responsive on winding country roads. As an added bonus, it also charges the battery while you’re on the go and produces a sporty crackle and growl that sounds great – especially with the roof down.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

If it starts to rain, don’t worry—you can raise the roof electrically at speeds of up to 30 mph. It does a great job of reducing annoying wind noise at freeway speeds and leaves enough room inside to keep you comfortable even if you’re over six feet tall.

The Roadster’s maddening 1.5-litre petrol engine feels like you’re being chased by a raging hot engine every time you hit the gas pedal – especially with expert Matt Watson under the roof.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

Bmw I8 For Sale

As for interior space, the i8 Roadster doesn’t get rear seats like the coupe. Instead, you get a more useful luggage storage rack that’s big enough to fit three large, soft bags. Combine this with BMW’s optional storage bin under the bonnet, and you’ll actually get a lot more luggage space in the roadster than in the hardtop.

However, the roadster has the same cabin design as the coupe. Its simple, minimal layout means everything is easy to use, and lots of soft leather and brushed metal trim make it look a lot classier inside than the Honda NSX. Instead of traditional analogue dials, you also get one of the most intuitive infotainment systems and a cool digital driver’s display as standard.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

Other standard high-tech features include automatic emergency braking, which performs an emergency stop if it detects an obstacle in the road. The i8 has not been crash tested by Euro NCAP, but features like these make it a very safe sports car and one of the best hybrids on sale. Current car market. This is especially true for sports cars, as we’ve seen even modest sports cars sell for ridiculously high prices on the used market, even more so on auction sites like Bring-A-Trailer. However, there are still some nuggets on the market, sports cars that haven’t skyrocketed in value yet and are worth buying now. One of them is the BMW i8, a car that was undervalued when it went on sale but could see a resurgence.

Suit For 2022 Suit Energy Small Surround Bmw I8 Modified Front And Rear Lip Tail Wing Wide Body Wheel Eyebrow

When the BMW i8 was first introduced, it took the industry by storm. Its combination of good looks, carbon fiber chassis and plug-in hybrid drivetrain made it one of the most unique cars on sale at the time. This was before cars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari, all using variants of the BMW configuration, were already launched with the i8 and sold for ten times the price of the i8. The i8 also used a two-speed gearbox in its front-mounted electric motor, something that wasn’t done at the time, but which Porsche and Audi now boast in their Taycan and e-tron GT respectively. The i8 was ahead of its time.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

However, sales figures suggest otherwise. Although the BMW i8 sold enough to sustain its existence throughout its life cycle, it did not sell enough to compete with other premium sports cars and supercars at the same price point. Performance probably had a lot to do with it, as the BMW i8 was faster, but it still fell short of cars like the Porsche 911 and Audi R8 that cost around the same. And while its looks were great and its engine was mid-mounted like a true exotic, customers had a hard time dropping six figures for a “sports car” with only three cylinders.

In the i8’s final years of production, it had an MSRP sticker price of $148,495 for the coupe and $164,295 for the roadster, about the same as a 911 GT3 or an Audi R8 V10. So you can see why customers have seen better value elsewhere. However, the BMW i8 was much more than the sum of its parts.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

Bmw I8 Sports Car Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Beneath its beautiful polymer body was a carbon fiber monocoque chassis similar to what you might see on a McLaren for twice the price. And while its mid-mounted engine was just a turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder plucked from a MINI, it was boosted almost to the breaking point and mated to an electric motor to drive the rear wheels via a six-speed automatic. An additional electric motor then drives the front wheels, though the aforementioned two-speed gearbox.

No mechanical component connected the two axles, and yet, thanks to excellent software calibration between the two, the i8 was all-wheel drive.

How Much Is A Bmw I8 2022

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