How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total – This is one of the most common questions we get all the time from home marijuana growers: How long does it last?

Really good question! Every new marijuana grower should know how many jobs they are signing up for! The short answer is…

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

The answer is: from the first day of your herb plants to the actual smoking of your crop, it can take… 8 weeks – 7+ months! This is

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That’s why most marijuana growers won’t give you a straight answer. The fact is that many factors affect the total time until you have a “ready” bud in days, weeks or even months. This includes your stress, your willingness and your size to grow your plants (bigger plants take longer!), so instead of giving a huge chain, the answer is easy to swallow.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

This includes the time it takes to grow your marijuana plants from planting to harvest, plus an additional 2 weeks (or more) to cure your marijuana plants after harvest (to revitalize them).

In addition, at least the first time you plant, you should also consider the time required to obtain tools and seeds/clones.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

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This article will give you a general timing analysis so you can develop a detailed growing plan to achieve your desired harvest time:

When growing marijuana indoors, it takes an average of 3-5 months to go through the life cycle of the plant. When planting outdoors, the total time depends on the weather in your area, as most varieties are ready to harvest in mid-autumn.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

If you choose the right varieties, you can immediately clean your stems within 3 months of sprouting!

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This includes buying your device and/or waiting for it to show up in the mail. If you buy everything locally, for example at a hydroponics store, it’s faster. Once you have your marijuana growing supplies, you need to prepare your planting area and equipment. Normal preparation should be at least one afternoon. Depending on how you buy the equipment and how quickly you prepare, you can be ready in one day or two weeks (after shipping time).

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

If you have a seed in your bud or have immediate access to the genes (like knowing a breeder or buying a local seed/clone), you’re in for a treat. If you order from an overseas seed bank (especially those based in the US), expect to wait 1-4+ weeks to receive the seeds. The delivery time depends on the carrier and how quickly the ticket is delivered. Sometimes seeds are taxed for weeks. Make sure to always order from a trusted seller.

Seedlings can sprout a little in a day, but 3-5 days is good. If you have clone access, you can skip this wait.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

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The length of this phase is a matter of personal preference. Most marijuana plants don’t start flowering until at least 3 or 4 weeks after that, but after that you can choose how long your plants spend in this phase (except for the autoflowering variety). -4 weeks from the egg). With the exception of autoflowering, you have complete control over the growth phase because you are the one who “turns on the switch” and puts your plants into the next stage of life: flowering.

When you start with seeds, even plants that flower automatically, no matter what you do, you will always have at least 3-4 weeks of growth before buds appear. Growers usually allow their plants to be in the growing stage for a few weeks to a few months.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

The size of your plants during the growing stage will affect your final yield, as larger plants create more growing sites than smaller plants. However, you need enough light to cover all the shoots, otherwise it will not develop properly. Light is like food for protection!

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This plant does not spend any time in the vegetative phase. About 12-12 times after the germination of seeds, it is fertilized. It’s so small that it lasts a lifetime in one cup, and the only light comes from a CFL. I weighed the bottom of the cup so it wouldn’t fall. It ends up being about 0.75 oz.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

The autoflowering plants take about 3 weeks for the growth phase before they autoflower and are ready to harvest after only 5 weeks. They are about a foot tall when harvested and yield about 2 ounces each. Read on for a step-by-step guide to growing plants like this.

A marijuana plant in the growing phase takes about six weeks to flower and yields just over 6 ounces when harvested. Check out the full growing magazine with instructions on how to grow your plants so they look like this when you harvest them!

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

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The marijuana plants are grown for about 8 weeks before they return to the flowering stage. Although they are grown under the same conditions from seed to harvest, their final height varies significantly because the species have very different genes. Small factories produced 6.6 ounces, and large factories produced 9.3 ounces. Stress can make a big difference! Learn about growing different species together.

The marijuana plants are grown for about 9 weeks before being returned to the same preparation as above and produce more than 10 ounces each. Besides the extra vegetables per week, the biggest difference between this increase and the above diet is the type of vegetables.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

This human-sized plant (my first plant) spent over three months in the growing stage before I realized I needed to move it to the flowering stage. It takes another 12 weeks in the flowering period to be ready for harvest, as it is a long blooming variety. It was too high for its place (higher than me!) and began to fall from the top. However, despite its large size and over 5 months of growth, it only yielded about 6 ounces. This is because it is below the low CFL light. Despite the abundance of protection, the lack of light made them airy and not very light.

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Some people, if they want to harvest quickly, put their seedlings or clones directly in the flowering stage, even if it makes the plants very small. For example, indoor growers who grow in small, hidden spaces, such as outside a computer case, want to start their seedlings immediately to flower so that the plants are as small as possible. It is also important to remember that container sizes and growing bulbs are very different. Small containers block roots and keep plants as small as possible, and small fires prevent seedlings from growing as much as possible.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

I personally recommend at least 4 weeks in the growing phase with 18+ hours of light per day for best results. Plants that are forced to flower sooner than 4 weeks will not yield much for the amount of work you put in. Let’s just say there are several benefits to keeping plants small!

Your plants will probably double in size (maybe a little less, maybe more) by the time you put them in the first flowering stage. It is known as stretch flowering. So make sure you finish the growing phase before you reach the desired average height, or your marijuana plants can increase your growth size when they flower!

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

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The duration of the flowering phase depends on the strain. Once you have moved your plants to the flowering stage, they will elongate (“flower growth”), form buds, and then grow.

Here is a list of some of my favorite and best varieties of marijuana in bloom:

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

In general, most cultivars (except automatic cultivars) are in the mid-range to flowering period.

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There is a 2-3 week harvest time for most plants and keeping your plants in the flowering stage a little longer will increase your yield. This is because the plants flower more when they are ripe.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

Often, even if you can harvest in the shortest possible time, waiting an extra week or two will give 10-30% of the crop as quickly as possible.

A good marijuana plant can dry out in as little as 4 days, but ideally drying should be a slow process that takes up to a week or more. Making sure your plants are thoroughly dried (but not too dry) will reduce the chance of fungus developing during the curing process.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

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These treatments seem to have less “quick” effects and are suitable for medical applications such as treating anxiety, reducing pain and improving depression.

In addition, the treatment can get rid of any “cut grass” smell, spicy taste and other undesirable characteristics of some freshly dried shoots. With the right treatment, these qualities will be replaced by the “real” smell and strong shape of your buds.

How Many Seasons Of Weeds Are There Total

Two weeks is considered the minimum time for your buds to heal, but I personally treat them all.

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