How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There – Peacock recently launched a new comedy series in Berlin called Pitch Perfect: Bumper. The show is a sequel to Pitch Perfect and follows Bumper’s journey to Berlin in hopes of resurrecting his career after 99 Red Balloons went viral on German TikTok.

The six-episode first season of the show generated a lot of laughs and ended with a shocking cliffhanger. Fans are now wondering when the show will return for a second season. But will Pitch Perfect: Bumper Berlin return for a second season? Read on to find out.

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

So far, Peacock has not picked up the second season of Pitch Perfect: Bumper Berlin. However, fans should not worry, as it is too early to judge the fate of the show. The show’s first season was released recently, and like Netflix, Peacock also considers reviews and viewership before renewing a show.

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While reviews seem to be in favor of a light-hearted comedy, viewership numbers have yet to be revealed, so a show renewal has yet to be confirmed. The show’s first season ended with a cliffhanger, so a second season is needed to at least complete any open storylines.

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

Showrunner and executive producer Megan Amram recently opened up about her plans for Season 2 in an interview, saying, “This is my way of forcing Season 2, you have to do Season 2 to see what happens. I mean, anything can happen.”

“I wish there was a season 2. I have several ideas for this. If there wasn’t a second season, I hope it would be a standalone limited story with these people. So we’ll see,” she added.

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

How Many Episodes Are In Midnight Mass?

As the show has yet to be officially renewed, a release date for the second season cannot yet be confirmed. The first season of the show was announced in September 2021 and filming will begin in March 2022.

More than a year passed from the announcement to the publication of the show. If the new season is approved in the coming weeks and if the trend is the same as the previous season, we can expect Pitch Perfect: Bumper to return to Berlin before the end of 2023.

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

Sarah Hyland is expected to reprise her role as Heidi for the second season. Meghan spoke about Hyland’s possible involvement if the series is renewed for a second season, saying, “That’s my intention.”

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“The real heart of this piece is the ensemble. So I really wanted to make sure that all of our characters interact. A rep for the show also hinted that a number of actors from the film franchise could reprise their roles in the series.

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

“I definitely wanted to see how Bumper gets along with [Amy] because they haven’t seen each other for years,” Meghan said. In addition to Hyland, other main cast members are expected to return, including Dame DeWine as Bumper, Lera Obova as Thea, Flula Borg as Peter, and Jameel Jameel as Gisela.

All episodes of the first season of Pitch Perfect: Berlin Bumper are now streaming on Peacock. Stay tuned for news and updates.

How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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How Many Episodes Of Pitch Are There

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