How Do We Know There Is A God

How Do We Know There Is A God – The Book of Answers (8th ed. 2019), Chapter 1 Is there objective evidence that God exists? What are the consequences of atheism? Where did God come from? Do we know God personally?

“The fool says in his heart: There is no God! They do evil, they do terrible work, no one does good.”

How Do We Know There Is A God

How Do We Know There Is A God

Here we can see that the Bible links corrupt ideas about God – especially blaming one’s own life – with corrupt morality. And it is true that there is no God, no Creator who sets the rules, we are morally determined. When the people of Israel forgot their Creator in the days of the judges, when no one was faithful to God,

Prayer To Know God’s Love

( 2 Cor. 5:19 ), find security and prosperity that have never existed before. The same countries are falling apart today when people reject God.

How Do We Know There Is A God

When the nations turn away from God, life is as if nothing exists, many sins – political corruption, lies, blasphemy, obscenity, violence, abortion, theft, adultery, drugs, drunkenness, gambling and greed. species. The economic woes continued as taxes rose and the government borrowed money to pay for a larger police force, prisons and social security system to deal with the problem.

Abandoning belief in God – that everything was created by natural processes – is widely accepted as the basis of evolutionary thought; God is not necessary. There is ‘design’, such people will admit, but no designer is needed. The self-designed designed! This idea, where the simple evidence that God exists (Romans 1:19-20) is explained as a natural consequence of atheism (belief in one god) and secular humanism (man can follow his own path to follow without God) . Such thinking abounds in universities and governments today.

How Do We Know There Is A God

How Can I Know?

Some of the most visible evils have been committed by those who took an evolutionary approach to morality – Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot. Evolutionary atheist Sir Arthur Keith admitted to Hitler:

“The German Führer was an evolutionist…; he consciously tried to adapt German practice to the theory of evolution.”1

How Do We Know There Is A God

Many millions have suffered and died because of this atheist way of thinking. Atheism kills because without God there are no rules – whatever! Atheists at the forefront of efforts to legalize abortion, euthanasia, taking drugs, prostitution, pornography and deviance. All of these lead to suffering, misery and death. Atheism is a philosophy of death.

Answers: Atheism (digital)

If the people who commit these heinous acts are Christians, they are inconsistent with their own moral standards (eg.

How Do We Know There Is A God

). But, for example, Stalin, according to him, because he was an atheist (after reading Darwin), had no objective basis for moral standards. Keith admitted that Hitler was also in line with his philosophy of evolution.

Love is self-sacrificing. As a result, Christians are at the forefront of helping the sick, caring for orphans and the elderly, feeding the hungry, educating the poor and fighting exploitation through issues such as child labor and slavery.

How Do We Know There Is A God

How Do We Know There Is A God And That The Christian God Is Exclusively True?

Atheism, on the grounds of evolution, says that ‘love’ is nothing more than a self-interest to increase the chances that our genes will live on in our offspring or relatives. In the ‘battle for the survival of the fittest’, where is the basis for compassion? Hitler’s death camp grew out of the desire for the ‘Aryan race’ to win the war to ‘preserve the superior race in the struggle for life’ (subtitled with Darwin.

However, atheism is not only destructive, it is logically flawed at its root because, as we shall see, someone must have created it.

How Do We Know There Is A God

Some social statistics for Australia, which show the relationship between the decline in children’s church participation and increased social problems. Other statistics, such as divorce, rape, etc., show the same trend. The introduction of evolution into schools in the 1950s and 60s saw significant church influence. Statistics for other ‘Christian’ countries show a similar relationship.

God Doesn’t Exist”: The Truth Of The Matter

The Bible, in addition to proclaiming God, also provides proof that God exists, because only divine inspiration can explain the existence of this most important book. The following are the characteristics of the divine author:

How Do We Know There Is A God

Although written by more than 40 authors from more than 19 different professions over a period of 1,600 years, the Bible is a consistent revelation from beginning to end.

The unity of the Bible is beautiful. Although written by more than 40 authors from more than 19 different professions over a period of 1,600 years, the Bible is a consistent revelation from beginning to end. In fact, the first and last books of the Bible, Genesis and Revelation, come perfectly to tell about ‘Heaven Lost’ and ‘Heaven Captured’ – which speak powerfully about the divine author (compare, for example, Gen. 1- 3). and Rev. 21-22).

How Do We Know There Is A God

There Is One Living And True God

Excellent Bible preservation. Despite political and religious persecution, the Bible still exists. The Roman emperor Diocletian, after a scandal in 303 AD, thought he had destroyed all the scriptures he hated. He placed a monument in the ashes of a burning Bible to celebrate his victory. Twenty-five years later, the new emperor, Constantine, ordered 50 Bibles to be produced at government expense! The Bible is available today in more languages ​​than any other book.

Historical accuracy of the Bible. Nelson Glueck, a famous Jewish archaeologist, spoke about what he called “the historical memory of the Bible is almost accurate, and especially when it is reinforced by archaeological evidence”.

How Do We Know There Is A God

“The great skepticism shown by the important historical schools of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries towards the Bible, a certain degree of which can still be seen from time to time, continues. , and has increased the recognition of the value of the Bible as a source of history.”8

If Nobody Got Me, I Know God Got Me

Sir William Ramsay, considered one of the greatest archaeologists of all time, trained German historical skeptics in the mid-nineteenth century and therefore did not believe that the New Testament documents were historically reliable. However, his archaeological investigations show that his suspicions have not been found. He underwent a profound change. Speaking of Luke, the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles

How Do We Know There Is A God

Ramsay said: “Luke is a first-rate historian … he must be placed with the greatest historians.”

There are many cases where skeptics have questioned the accuracy of the Bible, usually on the basis that there is no independent evidence (fallacy of the argument of silence), only to find that additional archaeological discoveries have revealed evidence for the Bible’s account.

How Do We Know There Is A God

God, I Know You’re There

The scientific accuracy of the Bible. Some examples: that the earth is round (Is. 40:22); The earth is stuck in space without support (Job 26:7); the stars are countless

The prophetic accuracy of the Bible. The Bible says that accurate prediction of events is God’s domain. God said:

How Do We Know There Is A God

“I have prophesied from the beginning; and they came out of my mouth; and I let him hear; I suddenly; and they perished. … I have explained to you from the beginning. Before that happened, I showed you; so that you do not say: they made my idols, and I commanded them to carve images, and I commanded them to cast them.” (Is. 48:3, 5).

God, I Know You’re Good

People will look in vain for one line of accurate prophecy in the books of other religions, but the Bible has many specific prophecies. McDougall

How Do We Know There Is A God

Document 61 prophecies about Jesus himself. Many of them, such as the place, time and order of birth, betrayal, manner of death, grave, and so on. McDowell also lists in detail 12 specific prophets with details about Tyre, Sidon, Samaria, Gaza and Ashkelon, Moab and Ammon, Petra and Edom, Thebes and Memphis, Nineveh, Babylon, Chorazin-Bethsaida-Capernaum, Jerusalem and Palestine. This shows that the prophecies were not ‘words’ (that is, written after the fact).

The chance of all of these happening with a true chance of zero. Only the willfully ignorant (2 Peter 3:5) can deny the evidence that God must have inspired these prophecies.

How Do We Know There Is A God

Stephen Hawking Makes It Clear: There Is No God

The influence of civilization on the Bible. The message from the Bible brought the blood-drinking English people to be ‘barbarians’. It is the basis of British common law, the American Bill of Rights and large democracies such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Bible has inspired the greatest figures of literature – from Shakespeare, Milton, Pope, Scott, Coleridge and Kipling, to name a few – and art such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Rembrandt. The Bible inspired the beautiful music of Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn and Brahms. In fact, the decline in the acceptance of the Bible in the Western world has been accompanied by a decline in the beauty of art.

How Do We Know There Is A God

Today the message of the Bible is still changing. Animist tribes in the Philippines are still freed from fear today, and former cannibals in Papua New Guinea and Fiji now live in peace, all because of the Gospel.

Bible Verses About Thoughts

The complete integrity of the Bible. Someone said, “The Bible is not a book that people can write, or if they can be written.” The Bible does not honor man, but God. The people of the Bible have feet of clay; will appear ‘warts and all’. Tell the background

How Do We Know There Is A God

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