How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic – Questioning the accepted “wisdom” of today, Catholic scientist Dr. Gerhard Vershoorn shows here that science cannot answer the question of whether God exists or not. Indeed, it would be like expecting a microscope to reveal the square root of sixteen!

Verschuren begins by explaining five popular medieval proofs for the existence of God – based on reason alone – despite nearly a thousand attempts to disprove them. With the help of this intelligence, you will understand that reason gives us access to the existence of God, just as reason gives us access to the existence of numbers. In fact, when we use our reasoning to investigate the existence of God, we are confronted with evidence far more powerful than anything science can offer.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Yes, Verschuuren was a Catholic. But he was a long-time scientist, he just learned to use reason to extrapolate from evidence where it is necessary. Among the many facts which Verschuuren here proves by pure argument are the following:

How To Prove That God Doesn’t Exist

• And reveals the great power of reason – and even greater power of God!

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

To try! Verschuuren’s amazing evidence for God’s existence – based on evidence alone – will open your eyes, touch your heart, and most importantly, strengthen your faith in the wonderful Creator of heaven and earth!

We use cookies (and other similar technologies) to collect data to improve your shopping experience. By using our website, you consent to the collection of data described in our privacy policy. Faith in God is often personal faith—faith in things not yet seen—as Catholic tradition has long held. The existence of God can be proved by rational arguments. This tradition is called naturalism, which posits a simple principle of existence—for example, that things change—and reasons from it to an ultimate cause.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Timeline Of The Catholic Church

To understand how these arguments work, I asked a Dominican priest, Fr. Gregory Penn, studying the tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas is famous for presenting his Five Ways as “proof” of God’s existence. But what does the evidence really show? And most importantly, do they hold up today? We can find out.

Pete: Much of your work as a pastor is based on the assumption that God exists. But what about those who doubt it? Specifically, what do you say to those who do not take the Bible as a valid starting point?

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Fr. Gregory: All my eggs are in the “God exists” basket. If there is no God, I am a very compassionate person. Fortunately, I believe that belief in God is justified. I have to admit that the reason I believe – and the reason most people believe – is that someone else has chosen us. My parents decided to baptize me and enlighten me in the faith. So, with the light of faith, I accepted the existence of God from an early age. Over time, this recognition became personal, but it was a confession that stood out to me. Before it was a conscious choice, it was my home environment. But this is not the only way to know God.

Topic 1: The Existence Of God

St. Thomas Aquinas taught that the existence of God is a foundation of faith: it is revealed by God and discovered by reason. Therefore, whether you have received any form of revelation or not, you can judge for yourself that God exists. St. Thomas admits that such an endeavor is difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone, but believes that those who practice it can “prove” God’s existence.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Pete: Well, I’ll eat. Let’s just say that I’m willing to accept the idea that God’s existence is reasonably attainable. Where do we start?

It begins by first observing the world around us – in five ways. It starts close to your experience. For example, things are moving or things are disappearing. Then, from these observations, it returns to the source of the sequence of observations. Essentially, he decides that reality cannot explain itself as reason. Hence, the need for something or someone is a way of transcending the limits of creation.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Bonus: A Catholic Scientist On Philosophical Proofs For God

And so, for example, St. Thomas remarks (third) that everything that exists cannot be or could not be otherwise. Then neither you nor I could have been born. I can get off the curb in front of the bus. You can be passionate about space aliens. Anything can happen. Our existence is accidental and unnecessary.

? Or, as it is sometimes said, why is nothing rather than anything? This is the kind of question and the kind of inquiry that St. P. Thomas returns to God as the source of truth.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Pete: So God is the cause of everything? But then, can’t the skeptic ask who or what God did? Are we stuck in an unsolvable dilemma here, brother? Gregory?

A Catholic Scientist Proves God Exists & In The Beginning (2 Book Set)

Fr. Gregory: St. Thomas replied: Everything that moves must have motion, and everything that happens must have a cause. But for the whole chain of motions or causes to work, there must be some motion or cause without a cause—which gives the whole sequence the ability to move or cause. God is not the mover or cause of the way things are. He is unmoved and has no cause, so to ask what motion or cause He has is to eliminate God’s individuality in the order of existence.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Pete: And honestly. Let’s say we agree on a case for no reason. But why does God consider this reason to be without a reason? Couldn’t it be a meatball or an electron or something else?

Fr. Gregory: St. Thomas draws some conclusions from the five ways and admits that they are not like the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He discovered immanence, the transcendent first cause, the ultimate essential essence, absolute perfection, and the end of all creation. But St. Thomas can guess what he took along the way to prove additional points about God. So for example, the great benefit of the five ways is to recognize that God does not come in any way, He is. In fact, it is its nature. Therefore, there is nothing in God that St. Thomas calls it energy. . . There is no way to feel more. It is fully realized. Indeed, it is pure imagination that St. Thomas calls the action pure.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Does God Exist? — Thomistic Institute

This result has many implications. God is not limited in His ways in creation. Because we are human, we are not Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwiches or Kiwi birds. Therefore, what we are is a limited and very rounded expression of “what we are”. God crosses that line. It literally destroys everything that exists. Nothing

It survives the embrace of all and at the same time infinite life. Therefore, it cannot be reduced to the Higgs Boson or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. . . Because to think about such things is to lose the essence of God.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Dear side note: I work for Tomistica. We have launched Aquinas 101, a program that brings interested students closer to the thought of St. Louis. Thomas Aquinas. It will be very helpful for those who have little interest in such questions. This is a series of short videos that will be published throughout the year about St. Peter’s. Thomas Aquinas, his philosophy and introduction.

Catholic Charismatics: An Age Of Revolution

. . . With all the readings, podcasts and additional resources. This is strange. Registration is highly recommended 🙂 Oh, it’s free too.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Pat: Weird, I’ll invent the Flying Spaghetti Monster. congratulations You brought me there. One more complaint before we go. Could it not be that God is the universe? What is wrong with praying to the universe?

. In contrast, all living things exist in this way and not otherwise. And the individual manifestation of each being is a matter of its specific, limited participation in God’s being.

How Do We Know God Exists Catholic

Teachings Of The Catholic Church

It follows that God destroys His creation. Creatures are created by God, created for God, created for God, but God does not contain anything or need Him in any way. It is a manifestation of His infinite majesty. Why reveal his greatness? Well, because he thought we could

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