Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials – Actors and fantasy filmmakers reveal how they tackled the huge challenge of adapting Philip Pullman’s trilogy.

When adapting Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, one of the biggest problems was what to do with Damon.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

Other animal “spirits” that communicate with and help every citizen of the parallel world created by Pullman in his famous book series, Demons, are the main part of the story, the non-dialogue part church of any movement. dream. to do Truth

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“But I think that this is a union that is happy to rule by spending money and making the devils we have. I prefer the character more in the form of the devil.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

In the books and series, it is Lyra’s (Daphne Keen) demon Pantalaimon (aka Pan) who accompanies Lyra on her journey and changes form from time to time (as all demon children do). done before they “fixed” as animals). ). Youth), although Ruth Wilson’s Mrs. Coulter, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Lee Scoresby and many others ‘Damons also play an important role in the story.

In the second season, which starts on November 8 on BBC One, there are less ghosts than before, but that does not mean that creating them is difficult.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials Daemons: Are They Real Animals? Did They Use Puppets Or Cgi?

“There were a few ghosts [in season two], but we’re still creating new ones, so I think there’s still a lot of ghosts!” VFX Supervisor Russell Dodson told us.

How is everyone getting on with the new BBC drama? Well, it’s a long story…

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

The initial phase of planning the demons is left to the visual effects department, and one tried to “shoot” specific pictures of animals that will “play” in the series’ demons.

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“We’d say, ‘This is a perfect pan like a Pine Marten,'” VFX director Dodson told us. “Then we build our character.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

“We always try to choose animals that we think will represent emotions, so for Pan, when he is an ermine, we chose the softest and most beautiful ones, like Lyra’s comfort but it’s the spirit behind it.”

As Lyra grows in the second season, it means creating a new breed of panda – the incredible Red Panda – to reflect Lyra’s new experiences.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

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“The red panda is really beautiful, and actually my suggestion to choose it is because I went to the zoo and I was going there and I thought ‘Wow, they know really nice, but they’re small. , “Dodson told us.

“I think there’s something beautiful about the mischievous nature of teenagers, and how they walk around like bears, whereas Pan is soft and gentle.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

“Panda is a little heavy and a little awkward at times. When Lyra has this new relationship with Will (Amir Wilson) she has all these new feelings, and then you have this spirit. It’s really shown in subtle way, without making anything heavy.”

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After “casting” the animals, the VFX team did an animation test where they make sure the animals act like animals — “like a dog eating food or something,” Wilson says.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

“But the idea is that we won’t be able to tell the difference between that and real wildlife.”

But, of course, spirits are not really animals – they are human souls in animal form – so when they finally see.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

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“So you take away the smell of food or whatever, and then you kind of restore the human mind,” Dodson explained.

“And you know if it doesn’t work, it’s not because you got the wrong animal, it’s because you need to change the performance a little bit. So we have it. “There’s a way to win.”

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

This is their commitment to accuracy and the VFX team tried to make each ghost fit its nature, except where ghosts usually appear.

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“We have luck with all of our demon genders in terms of grooms and stuff, with one exception, which is the gold monkey, where we mix it up a little for different reasons,” said Dodson.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

“In some areas … gender issues. It’s true. Don’t lie! And also, Mrs. Coulter is a little different as a character, so we did that.”

After creating the type of demons in theory, the next challenge was how to represent them on set, and after reflection, it was decided that dedicated musicians would bring them to life, who -actors and daemonia will allow and provide intimacy between. Other directors at the scene made the situation go further.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

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“A lot and for a long time, puppets have been referring to balls on a stick and all you’ve got, that can work really well,” says puppeteer Brian Fisher.

“You will get a line of sight, which you can refer to. But because you have these creatures that are a true extension of the human soul, a ball and stick will not cut it. From puppies, actors can create relationships and cues and give natural responses.’

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

To achieve this effect, Fisher’s team created different types of puppies for different purposes, from gray cylindrical tips for actors to wooden heads for eye lines, perfect for objects Other presentations.

Who Are Will And Lyra’s Daemons On His Dark Materials?

“It’s a simple sculpted face and a simple body and you can put your emotions into it,” Fisher said while showing the puppet for Sophonax, the cat spirit of James Cosmo’s character in Ferder Coram.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

“It’s kind of a simple puppet, or letting your mind put your feelings into it. If you have a perfect or animatronic object, you can go into the box where you think about him.

Small grayscale panels, on the other hand, allow animators to capture spirit and believable weight without having to completely manipulate digital creations.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

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“It’s a metaphor that happens over and over again in movies and television, where someone gives you a free cup of coffee, you tip it, you go drink it and you feel bad,” says Fisher.

“It’s the same thing with CGI, you want to create a sense of weight, size and something that the actor can hold. So we’ll give them something like this, which is gray and represent the flesh of the flesh and its littleness, that it folds in the cloth, as you can see the folds in the skin. or where they are. Hair can grow near his toes.’

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

“Ruth and James and Lynn and all the others are getting puppies, but I’m 50 years old,” said Daphne Keen, who plays Lyra in the series. “Because my style has changed. Therefore, I always look at different puppets, and they are very amazing.

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“Although they will not show on camera, they look completely real and amazing. And also, it really helps you because you have that character.”

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

And when the puppies (with many versions and procedures are completed), it’s time to put them in the foundation …

Listening to the cast of his dark material, playing the spirit of the puppets with light is a sign that he is a god, making it easier to work in the background than in traditional CGI situations.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

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“I mean I worked on Sesame Street before, and that was great training for that because when you’re on Sesame Street you’re not looking at the actors. You’re talking to Elmo! You talking to Oscar!’ Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Lee Scoresby in the series, reports.

“There is a world where they don’t pay a babysitter, and you act like a tennis ball at the end of a stick, and you have to do all the work.”

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

“I’m not going to do CGI on the face, to be honest, I’m a little worried about working with a tennis ball,” admitted Ruth Wilson, who plays Mrs Clutter.

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“But the puppets mean we can interact with them. I can talk to Brian [Fisher] about the psychology between Mrs. Colter and the monkeys, and then we can create a dynamic. Suddenly, it’s adds more layers to the relationship. It helps all those with special needs to see how these animals behave.’

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

It was decided during the filming process to have several “passes” to shoot each scene, some with puppets and their ghosts, others “pure” where the actors acted, this is work hard. – Set the scene

“We have two teams at the same time,” Wilson told us. “We have a special team of experts who work on the project, and you shoot the leaders with them, and everyone has double the work.

Do Animals Get Hurt In His Dark Materials

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