September 27, 2022

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“What Did Jesus Really Eat? The Biblical Case for Eating Meat” examines the challenge of eating meat as a Christian and talks about Minnesota pork producer Randy Spronk.

Did Jesus Say Not To Eat Pork

Did Jesus Say Not To Eat Pork

I generally try to follow the etiquette rules of “never discuss politics or religion in polite company,” but that can be difficult to do, especially when organized political groups pour money and resources into convincing Christians that raising cattle and eating meat is okay. . they are morally wrong.

A Telling Event From Jesus Christ’s Ministry

“The debate about whether you can eat certain foods and what foods you can and can’t eat is as old as the Christian text itself, so it’s not a new topic,” said Wes Jamison, associate professor of public affairs at the Palm Beach Atlantic. . University. “Today there is a new animal rights movement focusing on this issue to undermine the legitimacy of animal agriculture in the United States.”

Jamison, who is also an ordained Southern Baptist minister, and Paul Copan, a Christian theologian and author and Palm Beach Atlantic professor, recently published a book on the challenges of Christian meat-eating, human superiority, and human domination. on other living things. book,

Explores what the Bible says about using and eating animals from different perspectives. The book also features our own Minnesota pork producer and past president of the National Pork Producers Council, Randy Spronk.

“In this particular iteration, there are sophisticated political groups that invest a lot of money in resource building, Sunday school classes, talking points to try to influence people who eat animals, whether they come from organic farms or high-production, high-efficiency farms, as somehow morally wrong, says Jamison. “We wrote a book to refute it, using scripture and the church’s own history to say it’s not wrong. Christians can eat what they want.”

The Surprise Sayings Of Jesus Christ: Did Jesus Declare All Meats Clean?

What denominations are victims of these types of actions by animal rights activists? Jamison says they may not be more liberal Christians.

“I would call them socially progressive and old Protestant denominations — Methodists, Episcopalians — who like arguments that somehow resonate in this welfare movement,” Jamison said. “It means the social gospel. By doing good, you do God’s will, and by doing good to the fullest, you do God’s will and more.”

Jamison says this book is written at a very accessible level for people who attend church and/or are Christians and want to know the theological and biblical reasons for what they do.

Did Jesus Say Not To Eat Pork

“If someone comes to you and says you should feel guilty for eating a calf or you should feel guilty for eating meat from a big farm, that gives them resources and tools ready for church history and especially the Bible . . . to defend themselves,” said Jamison. “This is a resource for those who attend church or may be Christians to stand up for themselves and speak up. You don’t have to be shy. In fact, you can rejoice.”

The Prohibitions In Leviticus Don’t Apply To Christians.

Second, Jamison says the book can provide information for people who are not faith-based or church-going.

“Even for anti-animal husbandry, it’s a resource that shows what the Bible says about the New Testament and the Old Testament, and it’s church history,” Jamison said. “These are generally accessible resources, firstly for those who want to defend what they believe about eating meat, and also for those who want to understand the perspective of governance and stewardship and other Christian principles.”

If he were to boil the book down to one common theme, Jamison said it would be to let Christians know that eating meat should not be a matter of conscience.

“Christians are free to eat meat without conscience. In fact, not only can they, but they are blessed if they do, and the source of the meat does not matter in the New Testament,” Jamison said. “We are allowed to eat the flesh of all kinds of animals. We are allowed to do it with joy. We are allowed to do it freely.

The History Of Food As A Weapon Of Hate

If someone tells you that you shouldn’t, Jamison recommends finding the New Testament book of 1 Timothy 4:1-5, which gives a clear warning to avoid people who tell you that you shouldn’t eat animals. . other things. God’s creation.

“They say that all things God created can be eaten, enjoyed as long as they are sanctified,” Jamison said. “In other words, to set aside, to sanctify through God’s word and prayer. So there are many scriptures that believers use to protect and cheer themselves.”

Can be purchased from the Animal Agriculture Alliance for $15 plus shipping and handling. Bulk order discounts are available for quantities between 25-99 ($13 per copy plus shipping and handling) and over 100 ($10 per copy plus shipping and handling). Why do so many Christians eat pork when the Bible forbids the consumption of pork in the Old Testament? Is it a sin to eat pork? Many people want to know.

Did Jesus Say Not To Eat Pork

So, read on and you will see it in such a way that you are absolutely sure that you have found the right answer.

Does The New Testament Abolish Meat Distinctions?

So can Christians eat pork? The short answer is “yes”. While there are many specific New Testament references that make this abundantly clear, the most striking and clear indication that Christians can eat pork is actually in the Old Testament.

It’s a clear and honest answer hidden in plain sight. When you see it for yourself, you’ll wonder why you’ve never seen it before.

The Bible clearly defines the law in the Old Testament. It describes clean and unclean foods and gives instructions as to which are clean and which are unclean in Leviticus 11.

It took me a long time to find the answer, the answer is so profound and so powerful that I can’t wait to write it and share it.

The Shocking Biblical Truth About Eating Fat

I pondered the same thing until I finally found some fascinating facts in the Bible that answered this question more clearly than ever before!

Have you heard that the Bible forbids the eating of unclean food in the entire Old Testament in Leviticus 11?

But there is more! There is even a passage in the New Testament that does not like the idea of ​​unclean food.

Did Jesus Say Not To Eat Pork

He cast out the demons and sent them into a herd of swine. Next, all the pigs ran into the lake and the whole herd drowned.

To Christians Arguing ‘no’ On Marriage Equality: The Bible Is Not Decisive

Many rightly see this as a sign that Jesus killed two birds with one stone: He (1) cast out evil spirits from the two men and (2) revealed the Gadarenes (descendants of the tribe) to the Jews. Israel.Gad) that they should not breed pigs that violate Jewish law.

Shame on pig farming in Israel. You know Leviticus 11, right? And this is the law of Moses.

And is there any reason why eating pork is okay in the New Testament? here you are Outside of Israel? We will see that soon.

The prohibition in Leviticus 11 extends to pigs—other air and land animals—and even certain seafood—including shellfish and other animals—are considered unclean.

Muslims Forced To Drink Alcohol And Eat Pork In China’s ‘re Education’ Camps, Former Inmate Claims

Of course also insects. The Bible forbids some insects. It means allowing someone else. I’ve never been too keen on eating insects.

To be honest, I don’t find many of these animals to fit into my diet plans. why are you

Medical experts have considered the Bible extraordinary because of its great wisdom about human health.

Did Jesus Say Not To Eat Pork

Scientists and doctors have found many benefits from Jewish dietary laws over the centuries. For example, pigs are known to carry parasites.

Mohammed A. Al Abdulhay

If pork is not properly raised and properly cooked, it can be harmful to your health. (Not a big deal today. Not in business anyway)

He said, “If you will truly obey the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight and listen to his commandments and obey all his statutes, you will not bring before you all the diseases that I have caused the Egyptians, for I, the Lord , I am the one who heals you.” (Acts 15:26)

And the shells are feeders below. This means they are exposed to harsh elements and unhealthy things that accumulate on the seabed.

Today, we take for granted the great advances in medical science—many of which are based on biblical knowledge—and are usually unaware of the many backward medical practices that man has inflicted on man over the centuries.

Eating Meat Should Not Be Question Of Conscience

It is striking to note the contrast between the unhealthy practices of most of mankind and the remarkably healthy practices of those who follow biblical medical and dietary practices.

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