October 2, 2022

Did God Create Dinosaurs Before Adam And Eve – When it collided with Earth about 66 million years ago, it traveled tens of miles and changed history forever.

The Chicxulub Collider, as it is known, is an asteroid or comet that left a crater 93 miles wide and 12 miles deep off the coast of Mexico. Scientists say the destructive impact brought a sudden and catastrophic end to the dinosaurs’ reign, causing a sudden mass extinction of the dinosaurs and killing three-quarters of the plants and animals that lived with them. It’s time.

Did God Create Dinosaurs Before Adam And Eve

Did God Create Dinosaurs Before Adam And Eve

An eternal mystery has always been where the asteroid or comet came from and how it hit Earth. Now a pair of Harvard researchers believe they have the answer.

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Scientific Reports, Avi Loeb, Frank B. Others like this.

Using statistical analysis and gravity simulations, Loeb and Siraj suggest that most of the debris at the edge of the Solar System, a large part of the comet-like form that formed from the Oort cloud, was driven into orbit by Jupiter’s gravitational field. As the force of the wave broke up the rock fragments, it moved closer to the Sun. As these fragments cross Earth’s orbit and collide with planets every 250 to 730 million years, they accelerate comets like Chicxulub (pronounced Chicks-uh-lub).

“Essentially, Jupiter acts like a spinning machine.” said Siraj, co-chair of Harvard’s Student Center for Space Research and Development and a graduate student at the New England Conservatory. “Jupiter knocks this long-ago comet into an orbit that brings it closer to the Sun.”

Comets that take more than 200 years to orbit the Sun are called solar flares, he said.

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If you have asteroids today, there’s nothing melting, just a tiny fraction of the total mass, but the comet is so close to the sun that the parts closest to the sun feel more intense. At the sun’s farthest point, gravity causes tidal forces. A phenomenon called tidal disruption occurs and this large comet turns into a smaller comet as it gets really close to the sun. “Essentially, there is a statistical probability that this small comet will collide with Earth on exit.”

Loeb and Siraj’s theoretical calculations increase the probability of a long-period comet colliding with Earth by a factor of about 10, and about 20% of long-period comets visit the Sun. This finding is consistent with the work of other astronomers.

The pair argue that the new impact is consistent with Chicxulub’s age and provides a satisfactory explanation for its origin and other related factors.

Did God Create Dinosaurs Before Adam And Eve

Frank B. Baird Jr. of Harvard Science professor Avi Loeb believes that understanding the Chicxulub collision is not only important for unraveling the mysteries of Earth’s history, but could be important if such events threaten the planet again. File photo by Chris Snibe/Harvard

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“Our paper provides a framework for explaining how this event occurs,” Loeb said. In fact, we suggest that the disintegration of an object as it approached the sun could have caused the correct speed of events and the type of impact that killed the dinosaurs.

“Our hypothesis suggests that other Chicxulub-sized craters on Earth would be more suitable for early main colliders (carbon chondrites) than expected from typical main belt asteroids,” the researchers said.

Popular theories about Chicxulub’s origin suggest that the collider is part of a larger asteroid from the main belt of asteroids between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. Only about a tenth of the major asteroids have a carbonaceous chondrite composition, while most long-period comets are thought to have. Carboniferous chondrites have been found in the Chikkhulub crater and other similar craters.

These include the Impactor, which collided about 2 billion years ago, leaving Wardport Crater in South Africa, the largest defined crater in Earth’s history, and Jamnesin Crater, the largest defined crater in Kazakhstan. . million years

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The researchers say preliminary evidence supports their model and estimates the impact rates of the impacting object on Chicxulub-sized comets and smaller comets, such as the collier that created the Amanamanshin crater. If produced this way, it is said to collide with Earth once every 250,000 to 730,000 years.

This new theory mirrors one proposed by another Harvard professor, cosmologist Lisa Randall, in her 2015 book Dark Matter and Dinosaurs. In the book, he suggested that a giant comet in the Oort cloud could have been ejected by a piece of dark matter and sent to Earth, causing the cataclysm that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Loeb and Siraj say they can test their hypothesis by studying these craters, other craters, and even craters on the Moon to determine the composition of the predictor. The space mission’s sampling of comets may also help.

Did God Create Dinosaurs Before Adam And Eve

In addition to the composition of the comet, Chile’s new Vera Rubin Observatory will observe tidal disruptions from long-period comets when it opens next year.

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“We should see small particles coming down from the Oort cloud,” Loeb said. “With more data on long-period comets, we’ll test this theory, get better statistics, and see evidence for some parts.”

Understanding this is not only important for unlocking the mysteries of Earth’s history, Loeb said, but could also be important if such events threaten the planet again.

Science & Technology Science & Technology Science & Technology Science & Technology Science & Technology Science & Technology Science & Technology Science Sista Bernard Bodeau/iStock The following are some scientific reasons why humans believe it is not just a natural process, but a result of God’s special creation.

The Bible doesn’t explain how racial diversity came about, but it does show that it happened quickly after the rebellion at Babel and the dispersal of mankind (Genesis 11:1-9). .

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The creation-belief model, based on the Bible and science, presents “humans” (Neanderthals, Homo erectus, etc.) as divine creations.

The issue of theistic evolution (or evolutionary creationism) is of great interest among Christians today. to believe (RTB) does not question the beliefs of Christians who adhere to this view, but affirms other views.

The short answer is that religion and science demand truth about our world and our lives.

Did God Create Dinosaurs Before Adam And Eve

God’s Word never sets a date for creation, but Genesis tells us the age of the earth. Genealogy and the length of the “days” of creation play an important role in biblical estimates of the age of the earth.

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Much biblical evidence (not just science) shows that Genesis 1 was not a 24-hour period. Early commenters agree.

The strongest physical evidence for the Big Bang, also known as the creation event of the universe, is technically complex and requires significant scientific data.

Some skeptics argue that the creation accounts in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 do not match. However, upon closer inspection, the supposed contradiction disappears. A new poll shows that faith in God is declining, especially among young people. We know from research that the church’s rejection of science is a major reason why young people are losing their faith. To be clear, young people are not abandoning religion

So we want to show you that science and faith can go hand in hand. Challenges are certainly tough, but our work is impactful!

Asteroid Impact Grounded Bird Ancestors

As a useless organization, “Rookie or Evolution!” We believe so. or “trick or treat!” Or “Rookie or Science!” “We need your help to continue producing resources like this at this urgent time.

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If God is good, loving, and all-powerful, how can we explain why so many animals (and people) suffer from hunting, disease, and natural disasters? Traditionally, Christians attribute these “natural evils” to human sin. But science shows that before the first humans appeared on Earth, they ate other animals for millions of years before contracting cancer and parasites and dying from hurricanes and earthquakes. I think there are several viable options.

Did God Create Dinosaurs Before Adam And Eve

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