September 27, 2022

Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022 – Learn how to get Divinity, the Exotic Trace Rifle, by completing the Divine Shard mission in Destiny 2.

Divinity in Destiny 2, Exotic Trace Rifle will take a long time to unlock. The first step is pretty easy, getting the Divine Fragment quest item, but then the player must be able to beat the Garden of Salvation Raid.

Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022

Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022

Defeat the final boss of the raid in a single raid. You can’t remove the laser, just give up and then defeat the boss. They all have to happen under the same conditions. Use the links below to help you navigate through the process of attaining divinity.

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Before you can unlock Divinity, you must first obtain the Divine Shard quest. This quest is only activated after the first group completes the Garden of Salvation raid. To get it, you need to go to the place where the raid gate is located – that is, on the moon.

Go to the fast travel location of Zoro’s port on the moon. From here you will need to head across the field towards the Lunar Battlefield. This is the area you fought in the first mission of the Shadowkeep campaign.

When you hit the loading area of ​​the Lunar Battlefield, immediately turn left and go through the cave system. You’ll enter a large hole with a giant Vex gate behind you. Reach the gate and defeat all enemies passing through it. Eventually, a giant Vex named Zeteon, the Redemptive Mind, will appear.

Defeat Zeteon and he will drop an Exotic Engram. Select the engram to get the Divine Fragment quest. This strange battle also counts towards the Strange Cannon Sturm quest – so take advantage of this if you haven’t already.

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The main quest to gain godhood in Destiny 2 is Divine Fragment. This quest requires you to find Vex structures, defeat Vex units, solve puzzles during the raid, and complete the raid garden. It’s a good idea to have this mission ready before doing a raid, that way you don’t have to organize two raids.

To analyze the Vex Cores, find and scan the Vex structures in the three lost sectors of Nessus.

“We found this in the body of a Vex Minotaur on the moon. It’s some kind of core. Definitely made by the Vex… but I can’t confirm exactly what, when, where… or why. We’ll find the information we need.” Maybe by touching a Vex structure, but not on the moon…” – Ghost

Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022

The first step to unlocking divinity is to analyze some Vex cores. These Vex cores are located in three specific Lost Zones on Nessus: The Orrery, Ancient Haunt and The Conflux. The Vex core is like a glowing box. Interact with it to spawn some enemies, defeat them and interact with the core again to complete one of the analysis.

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“I had to dig through the encrypted Vex data to find anything related to the core. I didn’t find much – just know that it was designed to decrypt something, and that it had its origins in Sol Divive Vex. I can’t learn more. It’s damaged and its data is almost destroyed. If we have access to Sol Divers parts we can fix it.” – Ghost

The next step is to collect 120 pieces of Sol Divisive Vex by killing Vex during the Garden of Salvation Raid or Vex Offensives on the Moon. This will be completed after a Vex Offensive invasion. You can do this quickly by going to the area of ​​the moon where you found the quest. Unfortunately, if you try to get godhood after the immortal turn, you’ll end up getting killed during the Garden of Salvation raid. Just go in, get the network number you want, and go to the next step.

“Decode Core repaired but still not working. I was able to mine it for more data and there were chunks of data in a language I couldn’t decipher. See if I can determine its resonance energy model – wait, what? It was the same energy that was released from the Nightmare Essence. The energy signature is weak, but we must have ways to strengthen it. ” – Ghost

Next, go to Eris on the moon and use the illusion rostrum to create the authorized decryption core. This requires 30 Phantasmal Shards which can be purchased from the lectern. Alternatively, you can always farm Phantasmal Shards.

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“Now I’ve fully analyzed the decryption core and we’ve powered it up. There’s a lot of data here – but again, I don’t understand much of the language. I was able to extract some key information, discrete words. It says ‘Garden… Security… Guards…’ I still don’t quite understand it, but there’s only one park I know of that has to do with the division of Seoul.” – Ghost

The final step in unlocking the deity requires the player to find several hidden rooms in the Salvation Garden and solve a laser puzzle. There is a laser sequence before and after each encounter. Each laser sequence begins by detecting and activating a Vex terminal and then the message appears on the screen: INITIATED: Safety Bypass Protocol.

Next, find the laser puzzle, then thread the laser from start to finish, solving each puzzle it presents. The player closest to a button will be the starting point of the string, the goal of which is to pass the laser through each diamond and change their color. As the laser passes through each diamond and reaches the end terminal, a message appears on the screen: ACCEPT: BYPASS SECURITY SINGLE.

Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022

Each puzzle is complex in its layout, so a simple 2D map is not enough. Instead, you should watch the above video by Datto. He introduces each laser room and how best to solve the laser puzzles. At the 3:20 mark the raid begins and locations appear.

Best Trace Rifles In Destiny 2: Tier List Ranking

Devinity is one of four Trace Rifles in Destiny 2, all of which are exotics. Unlike other pursuit rifles, the Deity’s main purpose is to weaken enemies to allow other players to deal more damage. It is said to still cause a lot of damage. God’s blessings are:

Judgment creates a field around enemies, and any attack together deals critical damage. This is great for bosses and other enemies that are hard to grab hold of the gang’s small head. Penance is just a nice burst of bonus damage that helps Deity users keep up with the damage.

With the Divine Sharding quest complete, you will now be the proud owner of Divinity. The road to unlocking Divinity in Destiny 2 is long and challenging, at least for players struggling to assemble a full raiding party. However, this gun is worth it for you to organize a raid. For more exotic weapon tutorials, check out his Destiny 2 guide!

Hailing from the mainland, Sam Chandler brings a touch of Southern flair to his work. After going through a few high schools, getting a bachelor’s degree and entering the video game industry, he found his new family here as a tutorial editor. There is nothing he loves more than making a guide who can help someone. If you need help with the guide or see something amiss, you can tweet him: @SamuelChandleDivinity is the name of the super-powerful alien tracer rifle that appeared in the Garden of Salvation raid.

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, and is one of the most valuable and powerful weapons a player can have in the current game.

This weapon deals a massive crit to the target if you continuously damage them. Deity can trap enemies in an arc cage and deal massive damage to enemies in the cage. This is one of the most powerful overload solutions for dealing with Champions, as a single slug stuns them instantly, making this lane rifle a scalable tool. , powerful and necessary for the end game.

However, acquiring this famously weird tracer rifle isn’t all about a tough boss fight. In addition to completing seven challenging team-based puzzles, players will have to fight their way through the Garden of Salvation raid, not to mention the various pre-raid missions you’ll need to overcome.

Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022

Don’t worry, but that’s why we’ve come up with step-by-step solutions so you can craft your own into one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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Before you can begin your journey to unlock the Divinity, you must first complete the Divine Fracture quest, which is only after the first group completes the Garden of Salvation Raid. To get it, you have to

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