September 29, 2022

The last episode of the Marvel Studios series, Ms. Marvel, managed to grab the attention of fans.

Many fans finally agreed to crown Ms. Marvel as one of the best Marvel Studios series.

Not only is the ending full of fun action and special surprises, there are many interesting elements to the series that make it a perfect fit for a watch list.

Check out interesting facts from the Ms. The following Marvels.

1. The appearance of the She-Hulk at AvengerCon

It’s no secret that the MCU often promotes its newest, unreleased film projects.

Included in the series Ms. Marvel did a little promotion of the She-Hulk series by bringing up the She-Hulk character in episode one.

She-Hulk was brought up when Kamala’s parents suggested she go to AvengerCon with her father and they both dressed up as Hulk.

Kamala calls there no “big Hulk, little Hulk”.

This is a move to promote She-Hulk which will be released August 17, 2022.

2. The Relationship of the Kamala Magic Bracelet with the Ten Rings Shang-Chi

In the Marvel Studios film, Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, it is told that 10 of Shang-Chi’s bracelets were scattered and lost.

In episode 3, Najma and Aisha find one of these bracelets in the temple which has the symbol of the Ten Rings.

It was likely one of the temples ruled by Wenwu, the bracelet’s inventor.

The bracelet was eventually used by Kamala Khan.

3. Hidden QR Code for Ms. Comics Marvel #12

In episode 4, when Kamala is asking for directions and passing a vendor on the street, it will be seen that there is a QR Code attached to it.

The QR Code will show the Marvel website showing Ms. Marvel issue number 4 volume 12.

In the comic, Kamala travels to Karachi and is about to meet Kareem.

The episode also shows Kamala’s meeting with Kareem which will make her adventure even more exciting.

4. Lightning Symbol Ms. Marvel Derived from Arabic Letters Name Kamala

Kamala always wears a necklace with Arabic letters bearing her name.

At the end of episode 5, it is shown that the necklace is broken and only leaves a letter.

The shape of the letter is very similar to the lightning symbol on Ms.’s costume. Marvel.

This fact is very interesting for the audience who finally knows the origin of Kamala’s distinctive lightning symbol.

5. Kamala Khan has a mutant gene

One of the surprising easter eggs (hidden messages) in episode 6 is when Bruno tells Kamala that he has a mutant gene.

During this scene, the typical X-Men: The Animated Series background sound appears, confirming that Kamala is indeed a mutant.

6. The appearance of Kamala Khan’s idol, Captain Marvel

From the start, Kamala Khan was told as a big fan of Captain Marvel.

In episode 6, Kamala’s father reveals that Kamala’s name is taken from the Urdu language, which means marvel (miracle).

Kamala was happy because her name was similar to her idol.

This series also presents a special surprise at the end-credits episode 6 with the presence of Captain Marvel.

This indicates that there will be a continuation of the story between Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel which can be seen in The Marvels movie.

7. Ms. Marvel inspired Patricia Untario’s special work

Ms. Marvel is the inspiration for Indonesia’s top artist, Patricia Untario, to create the “Mirror Installation” located at Pondok Indah Mall 3, South Jakarta.

The Mirror Installation presents various concept art that presents elements from the Ms. Marvel.

Various ornaments such as the character image of Ms. Marvel, the logo and the iconic catchphrase come up with an eye-catching concept.

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