Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska – Each year, more than 10,000 North Pacific wrens migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to mate and give birth during the winter months. They travel 3,000 miles to the Hawaiian Islands, the most remote island chain in the world. Although whales can be seen on most of the Hawaiian Islands, it is estimated that about 75% of the humpback whale population winters on Maui in the calm, warm waters of Maui Basin Nui.

With the majority of the population living in the Maui Nui basin, this area on the west coast of Maui became a refuge for fin whales in the 1990s, and protective laws were put in place to reduce threats and encourage the recovery of their populations. The humpback whale population has increased from an estimated 10,000 to 80,000 animals annually by 3-10% over the past 50 years.

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

With the growing population, whale watching on Maui has become part of the bucket list activities Winter months are the best time of year for whale watching on Maui

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Since humpback whales move in irregular migrations, there are certain months of the year that are good for whale watching because there are more whales in Hawaii during those months. October is the earliest whales can be seen in Hawaii, but there are still a few animals that have begun their migration. We see whales more regularly until the end of November, around the Thanksgiving holiday, and we are guaranteed to see whales on trips starting on December 1st each year.

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

Although December is the beginning of the migration season, we still see humpback whales on every road and look for individuals with active surface behavior. A big whale doesn’t need to be seen by many whales, just two curious and friendly ones!

Although the best time of the year for whale watching is between December and April, the peak season is from January to March!

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

San Diego Whale Watching Season: When Is The Best Time Of Year To See Whales?

In January we see more whale activity than in December and February is what we call “whale soup”. Everywhere you look, you see humpback whales! Meanwhile, thousands of humpback whales mate, give birth and spend their winter vacation off the coast of Maui. We have some active whale encounters in March, with the migration starting and ending in mid-April.

Sometimes you can see a few whales in May, but not enough to go on a whale watching trip. In the summer we go snorkeling and dolphin watching and then prepare for the next whale watching season. You can see whales on Maui every month during the winter In early December and mid-April you will still see whales, they will be fewer. You don’t need many whales to have an amazing experience, just one special whale is enough to make your whale watching trip magical.

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

Any time of the day is the best time of day to see whales! Whales are active and resting 24 hours a day. They have periods of activity and rest, as they do not feed in Hawaii, their behavior involves mating and spawning and occurs randomly throughout the day and night. Our captains do their best to find whales that are in “active” mode, not resting mode.

Best Time Of Year For Whale Watching In San Diego

If you are a professional photographer, there is a certain time of day that is better for whale watching Not because of the activity of the whales, but because of the light they prefer to photograph on the surface or underwater If you plan to photograph whales on the water, morning and sunset cruises provide soft light for your background. If you’re hoping to catch humpback whales underwater, the sun is at its peak around midnight and provides the best light for Go-Pro photos, a waterproof phone or camera in a waterproof housing.

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

You can choose any time of the day to go whale watching, from sunrise to sunset (and yes, they are active even in the dark, it’s a bit hard to see them!).

Humpback whales show active behavior on the surface when communicating! Their body language can tell other whales information about mating and competition, or even important behaviors they will use as adults!

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

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Humpback whales have the largest pectoral fins of all, up to 16 feet each! Humpback whales lie on their sides and drag their large fins against the water, creating a large splash and loud noise. This season we often see female whales playing as a way to attract the attention of male whales.

Tail pulling is a way of expressing an aggressive gesture to warn other whales to stay away or to attract the attention of a mate. Interesting fact about whale tails (also known as flukes), just like fingerprints, each whale has a unique pattern! Researchers use photos of flukes to detect whale patterns and behavior and to track certain whales throughout their lives. is a website and app where you can upload your own happy photos and learn more about the whales you’ve seen.

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

Humpback whale jumps out of the water when crossing Humpback whales move at a speed of about 28 km/h and their 40 tons move above the surface of the water. Scientists believe that whales breach for many reasons, including singing for attention, cleaning themselves, and raising their young.

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When whales want a better view of activity on the surface, they stick their heads above the surface, which is called spying. When the whales spy near our boat during a whale watching cruise, you can see the whale’s tubules and the tiny hairs that grow out of them.

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

Whale watching is one of the best things to do on Maui. If you’re visiting Maui between December and April, put whale watching on your Hawaii vacation bucket list! Book a whale watching trip in Hawaii Ocean Rafting If you have any questions about whale watching in Hawaii, don’t hesitate to call or send us a message! Gold Coasters love their whales and for good reason – we’re blessed to have Australia’s longest virtual guided whale watching season. whales whales crossing our shores Whale watching season usually runs from June to October and any month is a good time to get up close and personal with some of these gentlemen. Everyone’s favorite aerial act, when whales lift their entire bodies out of the water in a spectacular explosion, can be seen at any time. However, other seasonal differences should also be noted

June is usually the start of the season and a parade of older females with calves from the previous season – now known as yearlings – and other young whales begins to pass through the Gold Coast. The yearlings nurse and learn to navigate an ancient route known as the “Humpback Highway,” which stretches from the glacial regions of Antarctica to the warm nesting grounds of the Great Barrier Reef. These youngsters like to display a range of surface behaviors, and this is the best time of year to see interesting surface displays such as head lunges and tail or claw flicks. In June, the southern manatee can also be seen in our waters

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

When Can You See Whales In Kauai?

July can be a special time for whale watching – the migration has really kicked off and the early season whale numbers have now turned into a strong bowhead stream. You may even be lucky enough to see a new baby whale (called a newborn calf). You have to look very carefully as they can be hard to see at first – they are very small and look almost like a dolphin next to their mother. Newborn calves are only 3-4 meters long and light gray in color when very young. The only place to see these special little babies is on the Gold Coast migration You get the chance to meet and talk to the researchers who study these newborns

August is a busy time on the Humpback Highway and the waters off the Gold Coast are teeming with minke whales as migration peaks. Pregnant females slowly swim north towards warmer waters, and non-pregnant females also enter this post. The action heats up with the arrival of large males (called bulls) who court females (called cows) and hope to mate with them. You can see a large group of men chasing a woman at high speed. They all want to be her friends and splash and compete.

Best Time Of Year To See Whales In Alaska

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