October 2, 2022

Apple “invites” Android users indirectly to use the iPhone. The company made the invitation through a video uploaded to Apple’s YouTube platform, Monday (1/7/2022).

In a short video with a duration of 4 minutes 35 seconds, with the title “Switching to iPhone. All your questions answered”, Apple answers the doubts that may have been on the minds of Android users, who want to switch to the Apple iOS ecosystem.

In the video, there is a host who answers common questions about moving from Android to iOS, trade-in systems, operating system (OS) updates, privacy, and support.

There are at least seven questions answered by the host. These questions include “What if I switch to iPhone, will it be easy to transfer my contacts, photos, and messages?”, “Can iPhone be relied on?”, “How will my personal information be protected?”, and so on.

To that end, Apple tries to answer the “most frequently asked questions” from Android users, so that they can find benefits when switching to an iPhone.

Apple has also overhauled the appearance of the iPhone 13 series purchase page on its official website. Users can now compare directly between different iPhone models, providing faster purchase access, to larger photos than ever before.

Leaked iPhone 14

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 series in less than two months. Leaks about the iPhone 14 have also started milling about in cyberspace since the last few months.

The iPhone 14 series this time is allegedly going to bring four models consisting of two regular models and two Pro models (iPhone 14 “regular”, iPhone 14 Plus (Max), iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max).

The upgrade from the “Pro” version is also rumored to bring significant changes, ranging from a new design, improved camera system, battery capacity, to a more “speeding” processor.

For example, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be powered by Apple’s latest chipset, the Apple A15 Bionic. The design of the “Pro” version is also different from the “regular” version because it carries a screen model without bangs, instead of a punch hole like most Android phones.

Meanwhile, another improvement for the entire model, it is predicted that the four iPhone 14 models will be equipped with RAM and larger storage capacity, namely 6 GB of RAM.

If the predicted launch date for the iPhone 14 series is correct, namely September 13, 2022, it means that users are only counting the days until the company officially announces its launch.

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