September 28, 2022

Andy Grammer Good To Be Alive Video – “Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)” Q&A with singer-songwriter ANDY GRAMMER transitioning from street musician to mountaineer!

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Andy Grammer Good To Be Alive Video

Andy Grammer Good To Be Alive Video

From street performers on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade to platinum-selling artists. It seemed like only yesterday that Steve Greenberg discovered ANDY GRAMMER and signed him to S-Curve Records with his self-titled album in 2011. Grammer became the first male star to enter the top 10. He debuted on major pop radio with his first two singles. , “Keep Your Head Up” and “Good”. Ten years since John Mayer in 2002, “From Me. Honey, I’m Good” went double platinum and opened radio stations across the country. As well as having over 70 million views on YouTube and over 60 million streams on Spotify, he will be appearing on the ABC Television Network’s Lokin’ Eve New Year’s Eve show on the 31st at 8pm on the ABC Television Network, all of which inspired Grammer that recently when he was in Los Angeles, sang his new song ‘Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah).” About the song, he said: ‘It’s good to be alive now’ is a song that anyone who has found progress can relate to.”

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In just a few years, Grammer has sold over 100,000 albums, playing to sold-out venues across the country. He played on stage with Taylor Swift, Train and Colbie Caillat, appeared in various TV shows. and won the Main Song title, won two BMI Pop Awards in the Film and Television categories. and won the magazine cover award in the country among other things. Her highly anticipated second album, Magazines or Novels, which was released in August this year (S-Curve Records), resulted in a huge hit. Including his latest singles “Honey, I’m Good” and “Back Home”” as well as his top albums. A fun folk song that showcases his infectious and accessible songwriting skills is still going strong. It also shows how much he has grown since his last album. On the new album, Grammer solidifies his position among the top male music artists by reflecting on the impressive feats he’s climbed over the years.

From the powerful ballads of “Keep Your Head Up” and the soulful “Fine by Me” to the trumpet-heavy “The Pocket” and “Miss Me,” Grammer creates pop songs with heartfelt lyrics and instant vocals. He made a hook. Find out more about ANDY GRAMMER in our exclusive interview with author Nicole DeRosa below!

How did it start for you and someone you don’t know? Who or what is your support? I started my career as a street performer on the Third Street Promenade in Los Angeles. For about four years I paid my rent by selling CDs on the street to people passing by. It really helped define me as an artist. I think it’s one of the best ways to make it. There was a carelessness that I thought was important as an actor. And I practiced a lot not to be afraid of the audience. They released their self-titled album in 2011 and their second album Magazines or Novels in August last year. What did you learn from the album that you feel you want to put into the new album? The first album was mostly made up of songs that I played with solo guitar and piano. And as a prolific songwriter, the second album was experimental in every way. even when I’m writing Sometimes I make sense and write it down. But it is not clearly stated on the box. The funny thing is that my live playing has forced me not to be a guitar player. And that opened up a lot for us on this trip.

Can you share the inspiration behind your current single “Honey, I’m Good”? “Honey I’m Good” is a sincere expression of love. Part of falling in love is being honest. But this does not mean that it is always easy and there are not many beautiful people in the world. I think the point of the song is “Yes, sometimes it’s hard to be together. But it’s important and it’s worth it.” Who is your influence? I have a few styles at the moment. I recently looked into the new Imagine Dragons and the new Drake. Old school favorites are Lauryn Hill, Paul Simon, John Mayer, and legendary singer Billy Joel. Singing is always king for me. And that’s what makes me so happy. Do you remember the first album you ever bought for yourself? The first album I ever bought for yourself was Lauryn Hill’s Bad Lessons. That was way back then, and her music was so consistent that she breathed fire. That album killed me. What was the first song you fell in love with? ? It has a simple sentence Simple lyrics, simple and touching music. Yesterday love was a very simple game. Live or die? I want to try it with my favorite singers like Lupe Fiasco or Common or K’Naan. I’m a big fan of hip-hop. Who Is he on the playlist right now? Is it an artist, Ian, or what genre did you get? is there? I mean, it sounds like people can feel the influence of hip-hop, but yeah, I like Drake, Big Sean and Lil Wayne and pop-rock, OneRepublic, The Script, All Good Things, Andy Tab. What are you looking forward to in 2015? I was very happy to see “Honey, I’m fine” doing this.” It was very interesting to hear a song performed in this way. brings another opportunity The power of the show is also enhanced. So everything seems to increase as the song goes on. Many people look forward to riding these waves in full. You recently performed at the All Access Group + A&R World Wide Radio Summit at the prestigious Hotel Roosevelt in Los Angeles last April. It’s so much fun with you! 😉 I always get out of those things. I’m a street performer, and it’s all fun. Throwing a CD on a street corner and playing Radio Summit is crazy. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ANDY GRAMMER AND THE REAL DAYS Please visit his website here.

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About the Author Nicole DeRosa joined the All Access Group family in February 2012. She loves the energy, communication and passion of this industry. and appreciate her every day Making her feel at home, Nicole combines her experiences with the skills she gained while working in New York as a researcher and photo editor in New York. Entertainment Weekly and Harpers Bazaar Magazine after New York. Nicole moved to school in London. where he queued for hours on Oxford Street to hear Paul McCartney perform a rooftop concert. Another notable event in London was the first time he played radio and was invited to the Beastie Boys’ ‘Ill Communication’ release party. And I can’t help but go to the show every night. It was a good time.” One of his favorite concerts was watching Bjork next door to the legendary Sherpard Bush Empire. Nicole also worked in production at Walt Disney World and later at the Disney Feature Animation Archive in Florida. and I always wanted to live in California. So he packed his things and moved to the “Left Coast” four years ago.

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