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Andy Grammer Good To Be Alive Album – Andy Grammer, It’s Good to Be (Hallelujah) | Praise Songs Posted by ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽถ Music on November 16, 2020 July 16, 2020

Playtime: 2 min read For the eleventh song of praise ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽถ, we present “It’s Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)”, where Andy Grammer gives thanks for being alive.

Andy Grammer Good To Be Alive Album

Andy Grammer Good To Be Alive Album

“I’m trying so hard, I’ve been trying this freak for years / And I got nothing to show for it, just climb this rope here…” Well, Andy Grammer – Us S – The bomb is dropping ! Before I get into what Grammar was really trying to do on this stand, let me remind you of the basics of Happy Songs ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽถ! In Happy Songs ๐Ÿ™ we offer songs where a musician (or composer) expresses his gratitude for something or someone. The idea came from the fact that in November, here in the United States, many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. So what better way to celebrate than by picking up some awesome songs to express your gratitude? 1 1

Things You Need To Know About Andy Grammer

Grammar and the Good “It’s Good to Be (Hallelujah)” entry from their 2015 album, Agaz Magazine or Books [Deluxe].

, was a gem of confidence in Andy Grammer’s hands with “Honey, I’m Beautiful.” It clearly defined his identity. He had another hit, though not a hit, with “It’s Good to Be (Hallelujah).” On “It’s Good To Be”, the production is good, although the grammar sounds good, a good word if I do say so myself! In any case, he has good reasons to accept. Most of all, she is grateful for her success, admitting, “It feels good to be alive now.” So, to put it all together, try that “fuck you” – seek and achieve success. Now that you have finally achieved something, thank yourself and feel good.

Musician Brent Faulkner holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music (music education, music theory/composition). Multi-instrumentalist, plays piano, trombone and organ among many other instruments. He is a music teacher, composer and freelance music journalist. Faulkner described music and writing as the two most important parts of his life. Apparently he has a great ear, he has a good pitch.

Guest presenters, George James: Chandra Chakraborty and Saskia Griffiths-Moore produced the band’s new album, Together in Love and Separation.

Watch Andy Grammer Sing ‘good To Be Alive’ On The Today Plaza

In Episode 62 of After Dark (2022), we explore the raw, risquรฉ and sexy vibe behind Chris Brown’s “Sex Memories” featuring Ella Mai.

In the 20th edition of 3 or 4 BOPS (2022), we have chosen some of the scariest songs related to Ghost Town in one way or another. Climber Q&A with “Good to Live (Hallelujah)”!

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Andy Grammer Good To Be Alive Album

From percussive speed to a platinum recording artist on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade, it seems like Andy Grammer was discovered by Steve Greenberg just yesterday and signed to S-Curve Records. With his 2011 debut album, Grammer became the first male pop star in a decade since John Mayer in 2002 to top adult radio with his first two singles, “Keep Your Head Up” and “I’m Good Too” . “Honey”. , I’m Good” not only went platinum to 10 and received radio play across the country, racking up more than 70 million views on YouTube and more than 60 million views on Spotify. The singer will perform at the Rockin ‘ New York’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Dec. 31 at 8pm on ABC All of this inspired Grammer to write his latest song, “It’s Good to Be (Hallelujah)” while recently living in Los Angeles. About this song says: โ€œLife is full of problems and bad things and it’s about the sheer happiness you feel when things are about to go wrong…. The phrase ‘It’s good to be alive in the moment’ is ‘expressing something. which I think anyone who feels like they have a move can relate to.”

Concert Spotlight Interview: Andy Grammer

In just a few years, Grammer has sold more than 100,000 albums, played sold-out stages across the country, performed on stage with Taylor Swift, Train and Colby Callett, appeared on national television, scored major hits in film and television. Done and get rewards. Two of BMI Pop, among many other achievements, have graced the covers of national magazines. Their long-awaited second album, Magazines or Novels, was released last August (S-Curve Records), with their latest, “Honey, I’m Beautiful” and “Come Back Home,” a set of anthems that includes a Soul Brought. alone He showcases his infectious and relatable songwriting skills that stay strong, as well as his soaring voice. It also shows the development since Ian’s previous full-length release. On the new album, Grammer cements his place among the elite of male artists as he reflects on the incredible journey he’s taken over the years.

The upbeat “Keep Your Head Up” and “Good for Me,” the soulful horns of “Bag,” and the soulful lyrics of “Miss Me” found Grammer crafting pop songs with soulful, relatable lyrics, and he immediately humbled himself. Learn more about Andy Grammer in this exclusive interview with Stick All Access author Nicole DeRosa.

For you and those you don’t know, how did you get started? Who or what was your inspiration? I started my entire career as a walker on the Street Promenade in Los Angeles. For 4 years I paid my rent by selling CDs on the street. It definitely helped define me as an artist. I think it’s one of the best ways to improve. It gives me a break that I think you need as an artist, and it really trained me to be afraid of the audience. You released your self-titled debut album in 2011 and your second studio album Magazines or Novels in August of last year. What did you learn between the albums that you thought you wanted to include in new videos? The first record was taking the songs I was playing just on guitar and piano and creating them, a kind of lyrical impulse. The second album was the most experimental of all. Even on the recording I would sometimes hit logic and write on it, it wasn’t really set on the box. Most importantly, it forced my live acts to be bigger than a guitar player and really opened things up for us on tour.

Can you tell me what inspired your current song, “Honey, I’m Beautiful”? “Honey I’m Good” is a brutally honest version of Love. Part of being in love is being loyal, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy and that there aren’t many attractive people in this world. I think the heart of the song is “Yeah, sometimes, it’s hard to get along, but it’s worth it.” Who has more influence? Right now I have a huge gap. I recently researched the new Imagine Dragons and the new Drake. Old school favorites like Lauryn Hill, Paul Simon, John Mayer, Billy Joel. Great lyricist, songs are always king for me and this is what interests me the most. Do you remember the first record you bought? The first album I bought was Message by Lauryn Hill. I’ve never heard anyone sing or rap so well. Also the lyrics of the song were perfect and spitting. That album killed me. What was your first favorite song and why? I remember falling in love with “Tomorrow” by the Beatles. Simple lyrics, simple lyrics, simple rhythm and very moving. “Yesterday’s love was an easy game to play.” very nice Who is your dream partner, live or die? I really want to do something with my favorite rappers like Lupe Fiasco, Common or Ke’Nan. I’m a big fan of hip hop. Who’s on your list? Any artists, genres or genres we might be surprised to see? I mean, I understand that people can understand some of the concepts of hip hop, but yeah, I like Drake, Big. how

The Farr Side: Grammer Focuses On The Positive

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