September 28, 2022

Paktika- A important earthquake rocked Afghanistan in the early hours of Wednesday, June 22 2022, its strength was reported to have reached a magnitude of 6.1 with a shallow depth of 51 km from the center. 


” The important earthquake has killed at least 920 people and left hundreds injured in Afghanistan,” a Taliban functionary said. 

 Images show mudslides and houses erected from slush in eastern Paktika fiefdom, where deliverance brigades are floundering to treat the injured. 


 In remote areas, copters have transported victims to hospitals. 

Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada said hundreds of houses were destroyed and the death risk was likely to rise. 


 Deputy Minister for Disaster Management Sharafuddin Muslim told a news conference that at least 920 people had been killed and 600 injured, making it Afghanistan’s deadliest earthquake in two decades. 

The rearmost Afghan earthquake struck about 44 km( 27 long hauls) from the southeastern megacity of Khost shortly after 0130 original time( 2100 Tuesday GMT), when numerous people were at home, asleep in their beds. 


” Every road you take, you hear people mourning the death of their loved bones

 . Homes are being destroyed,” a original intelligencer in the disaster- hit fiefdom of Paktika told the BBC. 

 Earthquakes are likely to beget significant damage in Afghanistan, where sanctum in numerous pastoral areas is unstable or inadequately constructed. 


 Communication after the earthquake was delicate due to damage to cell phone halls and the death risk could rise, another original intelligencer in the area told the BBC. 

” A lot of people do not know about cousins because their phones do not work,” he said.” My family and his family failed, and I only set up out after hours. numerous town lets have been destroyed by the earthquake.” 


 Taliban officers called for aid agencies to rush to the affected areas in the east of the country. 

Decades of conflict have made it delicate for the impoverished nation to increase its protection against earthquakes and other natural disasters- despite sweats by aid agencies to strengthen some structures over the times. 


 Indeed before the Taliban preemption, Afghanistan’s exigency services expanded to deal with natural disasters with many aeroplanes

 and copters available for saviors . 

 Speaking to the BBC, a croaker

 from one of the worst- hit sections in Paktika Province said medical workers were among the victims. 


” We did not have enough people and installations before the earthquake, and now the earthquake has damaged what little we had,” they said.” I do not know how numerous of our comrades are still alive.” 

 Utmost of the victims so far are in the Gayan and Barmal sections of Paktika, a original croaker

 told the BBC. 


 Original media website Etilaat- e Roz reported entire townlets in Gayan had been destroyed. 

 Earthquake Temblors were also reported to be felt in further than 500 km of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. 


 substantiations reported feeling earthquakes in the Afghan capital, Kabul, as well as the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. still, there have been no immediate reports of casualties or significant damage in Pakistan, according to BBC Urdu. 

Afghanistan is prone to earthquakes, as it lies in a monumental active region, via a number of fault lines including the Chaman fault, Hari Rud fault, Central Badakhshan fault and Darvaz fault. 


 The earthquake had a magnitude of6.1 at a depth of about 51 km, according to seismologists. 

In the once 10 times, further than,000 people have failed in the country’s earthquakes, the United Nations Office for the Collaboration of Humanitarian Affairs reports. There are an normal of 560 deaths a time from earthquakes. 


 The earthquake passed on Wednesday morning original time, with the center near the city of Khost, about 95 long hauls( 150 km) south of Kabul, the US Geological Survey reported. 

 Before, Abdul Wahid Rayan, director general of Bakthar news agency, said the area hit by the earthquake was in a mountainous area, meaning deliverance work was being carried out by copter. But he added” Afghanistan’s deficit of copters and inapproachable areas make relief work delicate.” 


 Rayan said 90 houses had been destroyed in Gayan, a District in Paktika fiefdom. 

A” strong and long shock” was felt in Kabul, one occupant said in a post at the European- Mediterranean Seismological Center( EMSC)( point of the European- Mediterranean Seismological Center). 


 Photos in Afghan media and social media show houses turned to debris. 

 Deaths were also reported in the eastern businesses of Khost and Nangarhar, said Mohammad Nassim Haqqani, head of Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority. 


 The Bakhtar News Agency report said original officers stressed the death risk could rise if the central government didn’t give exigency backing. 

In a videotape participated by news agencies on social media, a man points to near houses and says,” There are five people buried under the house; six people under the house, 13 bodies under the structure.” 


 Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesperson for the Taliban government, twittered” A massive earthquake rocked four sections of Paktika Province, killing and injuring hundreds of our citizens and destroying dozens of homes. We prompt all aid agencies to shoot brigades to the area incontinently to help a disaster. likewise.” 

The Pakistan Meteorological Department said the earthquake had a magnitude of6.1. The temblors were felt in Islamabad and away in Pakistan’s Punjab fiefdom. 


 EMSC also said temblors were felt in Pakistan east of the center.

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