Mr.Trudeau, charity begins at home.

We’ve all seen it before, that guy throwing money around in some night club like it was a game of monopoly. The goal being that this would somehow impress some fine looking woman. Maybe just maybe they would join him for some extracurricular activities later that evening. This wouldn’t bother me and nor should it have bothered anyone reading this blog. It’s his money after all that he would be blowing away. If he happened to get lucky , well good for him.

What I have a problem with is what us Canadians are living with at the current moment. The only difference is that it’s our money being pissed away and that guy at the club is our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Let me summarize for you the foreign aid promises that our government have committed to:

A $2.65 Billion cheque for aid to developing nations to combat climate change

A $13 Million cheque for Vietnamese farmers

A $15 Million cheque for job training in Africa

A $14.25 Million cheque for infrastructure in Indonesia

That is over $3 BILLION of your tax dollars that has been sent oversees. $3 BILLION of our dollars that will in no way make any Canadians life better. In fact, the economic evidence surrounding foreign aid quite clearly shows that it ALWAYS fails in lifting countries out of poverty. To make matters worse, there is no tracking to see how this money is being spent and if it is being spent properly. Governments rarely tell us what audit procedures have been attached to these funds.

We shouldn’t be taxing Canadian’s at home and sending it oversees for projects that ultimately end up failing. Especially when we don’t have a say in it. Our priorities are all screwed up and it’s time we look at this differently. It’s time that we start taking care of our own before we go around buying drinks for everybody at the bar. We can start by taking care of our homeless, veterans, mental illness, infrastructure, education, health care etc etc etc. I can go on for days but I think you get my point.

It’s disheartening because we know that the real reason for this generousity is to buy a lot of thanks from some organizations such as the UN or from climate change conferences. It can buy a hell of a lot of political clout when you need it to be re-elected. 

Carry on Mr. Trudeau with your selfies and buy everyone a drink !


2 thoughts on “Mr.Trudeau, charity begins at home.”

  1. Hi Lui

    Hope all is well.Plenty of that 3 billion (2.65) of it is towards climate change.I thought you would be in favor of it. The rest is petty … dont get me wrong, iam not saying i agree but i thought you would support the cause.And you are right, how do we really know how the money gets spent

    Go Bruins ! and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and the family….No fuckin Happy Holiday bullshit.We celebrate CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    1. Yes normally I would be for it in order to combat climate change. How about we start combatting the country who is number one in greenhouse gas emissions , the US. I’m just tired of frivolous spending and not having any say how my taxes are being spent. I’m tired of being nice Canadians. It’s time we take care of ourselves.

      Merry Christmas my friend. All the best in the new year !


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