Things that send me into a rage Part 3

Yes my friends, the endless parade of stupidity continues in our whacky little world. As you already know, my tolerance as of late for stupidly is pretty small. So in my never ending quest to find a way to deal with this rage, I gave you things that send me into a rage part 3
The STM, they’re really not having a good week to say the least. On a Monday morning where Montreal saw it’s first snow fall, many buses were late or didn’t even show up. Some are attributing this to some buses not having winter tires. Others saying some bullshit about a new law that came into effect and some STM drivers weren’t sure how to process it so didn’t show up. Then of course we have the 5th malfunction of our metro system in less than a week due to a problem with the communication system. All this leads me to ask, what the hell is going on at the STM ? Keep your cars at home and take public transit they say. Montrealers have a better chance of getting to work on time by donkey or horseback. Maybe the Amish aren’t that crazy after all. Furthermore, who designed these communication systems for the STM ? Samsung perhaps, if that’s the case that can explain everything. Try and pick up a phone and it explodes in a STM employees hands. 

The country of Turkey, they recently passed a bill to pardon statutory rape if perpetrators marry their victim. Where do I begin, where , how the fuck is this even a thing ? How how how how ??? This leads me to so many questions. How does a rational policitican even entertain this idea ? Here is a response from the minister of justice Belair Bozdag , The bill was a response to the “unfortunate reality”of teenage marriage in Turkey’s conservative society. Hey you spineless dick, i have a great idea, pass a law that would make teenage marriage or rape of any kind illegal. Start basing your laws on reality rather then your interpretation of the Quran. So based on this argument, let’s pardon a waste of a human being pedophile so he can marry his victim. Only to subject his victim to a lifetime of prison. Jesus Christ help us ! Here lies one of the many reasons why the Western world and Europe will never understand the predominately Muslim Middle East. This way of thinking goes behind basic human values. How blind can a person be that in their mind justifies this ? I have more questions than answers. Perhaps, we will never understand and I certainly won’t. 


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