Fiction over Fact

I’m an easy man to convince. If you and I get into a debate I will listen to your side of the story. If you show me proof backed by facts, statistics, and research, I will gladly pronounce you the winner. Healthy debate and challenging ideas has always been at the forefront for any democratic country. Unfortunately, we live in a time where this generation is choosing fiction over fact. 
If this US Presidential race has taught us anything besides that Trump is a raving lunatic is that a vast majority of the GOP don’t live in reality. They live in a world dominated by hearsay, innuendos, and fantasy. A world where Fox news is considered a respectable news outlet. A world where dirty fossil fuel money supercedes the well being of the entire world’s population. A world where climate change doesn’t exist and that it’s all a hoax. 

It takes balls of steel or stupidity to refute that weather patterns are changing drastically. Temperatures are rising and polar caps have already started to melt faster then scientists had previously predicted. This will lead to the demise of entire cities or countries unless we take immediate action. 

What I find the most appalling in all of this is how any politician can deny this fact when faced with overwhelming proof. You have the most respected scientists in the entire world proving to you that this is happening and yet it’s not enough. Statistics, photos, and years of research are not enough to convince these idiots. It’s easy to deny this when their bank accounts are lined with filthy fossil fuel money. They are being paid to deny at all costs. In the face of facts and truth, they continue to deny deny deny deny ! 

In light of this it’s up to all of us not to elect a politician that is a non believer of climate change. Let us face the reality that we are living with the most important issue in our history. Let’s start by saying that it’s no longer acceptable to deny this. We can and must all do our part. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has – Margaret Mead, Anthropolgist 


2 thoughts on “Fiction over Fact”

  1. Hi Lui

    Your fellow Bruin here. I read your blog and forwarded to Enzo. I will respond to many of the MIS conceptions in your article lol !! iam glad you are opened minded… it may not mean we agree but i believe our arguments will be fair.

    It felt so nice to see that 10 – 0 score vs Columbus



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