Mayor Coderre’s Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

In yet another blatant disregard of public opinion, Montreal is paying as much as double the going price of granite in a 3.45$- million contract to install statues that resemble tree stumps on Mount Royal for the city’s 375th anniversary next year. The contract is 27% above an estimate the city obtained for the statues before going to tenders and 43% higher for the going rate of granite on the market. This contract was approved my a majority vote at a Montreal city council meeting in May. This despite that the opposition party Project Montreal and all suburbs voted against it at their respective meetings. 
I have a great idea for all struggling artists of Montreal. Take your useless piece of art, pick up the phone and call mayor Coderre, and bring over your creation to city hall. Prepare your pitch and make sure it contains the following. The price has to be outrageously expensive and the piece of art can’t contain any aesthetic beauty (in other words it must be a worthless piece of shit).

Now instead of this nonsense I have a better way to commemorate Montreal. What else screams out Montreal like potholes and orange construction cones ? Let’s show our civic pride by finding a local artist that can make granite orange cones that we can spread all over the island. It seems like they’re so deeply engrained in our city so we might as well make some that can last an eternity. My second brilliant idea would be to find some of the largest and deepest potholes and have another local artist create granite slabs that can be custom fit to cover these potholes. 

So Mayor Coderre if you’re listening, there is nothing I would love more than to be part of your next council. I have millions of these ideas that can make Montreal great again. I might just be stupid enough to fit right in with your team of brainless idiots. I must admit though I am concerned with your job and sanity. A logical thinking person could not possibly pay someone 3.45$ million dollars to build 27 granite tree stumps, install them at various sites, and call this art. 

Welcome to Mayor Coderre’s Montreal Musuem of Fine Arts !


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