Treegate in Montreal !

I can’t even make up some of the shit that our beloved city of Montreal workers get away with. My neighbours recently decided to have their tree trimmed last week. They hired a professional and called the city of Montreal for the free mulching service that they provide. This is where it gets interesting. 

The above picture depicts one stack of tree limbs that were left behind. The other stack was properly disposed of and taken away from the city workers. When asked why they couldn’t mulch and take away the second stack the answer is just mind numbing. The were told that they were not aware that there was such a “large quantity” and that they would have to call back and place another work order for the second stack. This answer is compounded by the fact that they were told this at 4:55pm. I’m sure these two assholes were already contemplating which Labatt product they we’re going to slam down once they got home. 

Me being the eternal pessismist when it comes to civil servants, I decided to also observe them while they worked. Picture this if you can for a moment. All they had to do was pick up branch by branch, drag it to the truck and dump it into the mulcher. Sounds simple enough right ? WRONG ! I’ve seen paint dry faster than these two corpses. I suppose they shouldn’t be the ones to blame. Rather we should be appalled at the systematic laziness of our civil service. They are ordered by the powerful unions to just do the bare minimum and not a penny more. 

These are our tax dollars that are vanishing into thin air. Anyone of us that would work this way in the private sector would be thrown out on our asses so quickly that your head would spin. To quote one of my favourite comedians Sebastian Maniscalco, “aren’t you embarrassed ? Isn’t anyone embarrassed anymore ? How could you look at a client with a straight face and say you will have to place another work order for the second stack. 

Mayor Coderre, I hope that this blog finds it’s way to you. If it does, is this the image that you want for our city ? Is this how a well paid civil service should be operating ? I for one am embarrassed to be a Montrealer when I hear such stories. It’s time we clean up this mess and all the corruption within your civil service. #treegate


2 thoughts on “Treegate in Montreal !”

  1. Nothing has changed, had it? I left Montreal , for good in 1998. When I moved back for 3 years, in 2008, I was appalled at the filth, and decrepitude in the city. Kudos for sticking it out. I too, list Sebastian Maniscalco as one of my fave comedians. Keep the sarcasm coming, paesan!


  2. As a blue collar worker , I’m ashamed and sorry for what has happened. You’re right , there is bunch of lazy assholes that work for the city. Just like every other company on earth. With that said, keep in mind that we are given directives from our bosses who have even bigger bosses. Yup , the guys that make $150000 and plus. There job is to cut and cut and make more cuts so they can make there bonuses, at the end of the year. They don’t care about how well a job is done. All they care about is which Mercedes- Benz there getting this year. It is fantastic of you to complain over social media. Infact I insist that everybody does, for all services the city gives. Unfortunately some of us make the city look horrible and that’s what the Mayor wants. So he can privatize everything and give his body’s the contracts, Guess what, your taxes won’t go down but there bonuses will go up. Yes your tax money is going everywhere but the right place. I understand that some people hate the unions . But if we didn’t have unions , we wouldn’t have stabilty , if we don’t have stability the we won’t have people buying homes anymore, or people shoping and spending money anymore . History shows that this country was built on blue collar sweat. Get rid of unions and you get rid of the mid class. I’m basically saying there is 2 sides of the story. Yes some are lazy but where not all the same. Can you call a garbage man lazy, when it’s -40 and he has 20 tons to pick up ?


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