Thank God for French descriptors !

I wanted to thank the Quebec Liberal Minister Helen David, who is responsible for the protection and promotion of the French Language. She recently announced that the Quebec government has proposed a modification to the province’s sign rules that would require Quebec businesses to add French to their outdoor signage, without altering registered trademark names. For example, BestBuy would become Électronique Best Buy (I guess).

I want to thank her because ever since I could remember I’ve had difficulty figuring out what certain stores are selling in Quebec. On numerous occasions, I’ve had to actually get out of my car and physically enter a store only to be disappointed. If there were a “Jouets”preceding Toys R Us it would have avoided me an embarrassing situation. I assumed that Toys R Us sold sex toys so I went in there asking for some kinky outfits and erotic massage oils. I remember thinking as I was being escorted out by security that what Quebec needed was French descriptors before the company name. 

I recall another time when I invited my friends for drinks one Friday night. We were in the mood for some good Irish beer and the atmosphere of an Irish Pub. So naturally I suggested we go try out McDonald’s. Well you all know how this ended up. No beer but plenty of burgers and fries. How was I supposed to know that McDonald’s wasn’t an Irish Pub ? If there was a “Restaurant” before McDonald’s it would have spared me a night of bad food and pissed off buddies. All they wanted was a good beer.

You may be thinking to yourself how stupid these examples sound. Is it any more ridiculous than these fuckin politicians trying to feed us this bullshit ? 
“Thanks to this change, every person, whether driving on a highway, on a sidewalk, in an industrial area or in a commercial parking lot, will know they are in Quebec, because they will see French on the signs,” she told a news conference in Montreal. Really ? Are you serious ? Is Md. David from this planet ? Look around lady, everything is in French in this god forsaken province. So much so that the amount of tourists that visit La Belle Province are diminishing every year. If you can’t read signs in French, how is one supposed to get around by metro or car ? How welcoming is this when you can’t be bothered to add the international language on signs ? 
Thankfully I’m here to translate what this desperate move by the Liberals truly is. A pathetic and desperate attempt to appease the soft core separatist that are on the fence when it comes to their political allegiance. Let’s give the dog a bone and see if he bites. This proposed change actually shows the contempt the Liberals have for Quebecers. How stupid do they think we are that we need a French descriptor ?

This is one law that can equally offend a Francophone and Anglophone. Are we that stupid ? 


2 thoughts on “Thank God for French descriptors !”

  1. Of course we are that stupid because we keep condoning and allowing the demented and CRIMINAL Ethnic Cleansing Loi’s that these pretend Federalist FIBERALS forced upon us when they made SURE – they had corrupted our political system into THEIR AND THEIR SEPPIE PALS – “NO ANGLOS ALLOWED”…. damned if you do vote and damned if you don’t vote POLITICAL SHAM! And hey they didn’t need Parizeau to make sure the ” Lobsters are in the pot…” did they? Ditto for every Look the other way MP AND SENATOR across the country who have COLLUDED with these ABUSERS AND VIOLATORS OF THEIR LIMITED POWERS!!


    1. Thanks for your comment Didi. The problem is that I’m not sure what else we can do to bring about true change. Seems like whatever party is in control in Quebec, us anglophones get screwed. Let me know what you think of my other blogs at


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