You being offended offends me.

I’m not one to hide the fact that I’ve never been a fan of political correctness. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to convey as I am not advocating hate. Rather, I’m trying to figure out when the hell did we all get so soft and sensitive. We’re at the point where people are afraid to speak up against any random issue for fear of the negative backlash. I’d go as far to say that North American society is heading down a path of full censorship. 
It’s no wonder we’re completely shocked at what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Our politicians are conditioned to say what we want to hear. Afraid to speak the truth, afraid to stand up for what’s right , always towing the party line. We’re in the midst of raising a generation of over sensitive children that won’t be equipped to deal with the harsh realities of this world. Here’s the brutal truth people, not everyone is going to like you, you are not all going to be successful and make 100k straight out of university, and your boss certainly won’t give a shit that your teachers kept telling you that you were “special”.

Every day I hear stories that are almost incomprehensible to me. Yoga classes were cancelled at the University of Ottawa because of cultural issues (cultural appropriation) . Yes, this apparently exists and is explained as follows:

Cultural appropriation is when a culture that’s seen as an oppressor borrows or steals elements of a culture they’re oppressing. There is also concern over yoga instructors who claim to be experts in the more spiritual aspects of yoga, but aren’t.

WHAT ? Are you serious ? SERIOUSLY ? It’s a FUCKIN yoga class for the love of GOD ! Honestly, tell me if you’ve ever heard a more asinine story. I can’t decide who is more retarded, the imbecile that came up with this complaint or the University for cancelling the class.I have a great solution to whoever came up with this, perhaps you should drop out of school and stop wasting your parents money as it is obvious you’ve learned absolutely nothing. 

How about the winners that are offended by the presence of a Christmas tree. Quick and easy solution, stay away from places wherever this offensive object is being displayed. Better yet, lock yourself in your home and do us all a favour you fuckin Neanderthal ! I apologize if this offended you, actually I hope your eyes are bleeding while reading this blog.  


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