Syrian Refugees (guest blogger Lory La Selva)

I would like to rant a little this a.m. about an important subject. I think I speak for many when I say, we’re sick and tired of the Syrian refugee topic. It’s gonna happen no matter what, some like it, some don’t. Keep an open mind on both sides though because that’s the objective way of assessing all.To be honest this video made me cry, and an ugly cry too. 
I posted a video on my time line just the other day about Syrians landing in Greece and where humanitarian efforts and relief were being given as soon as the boats pulled to shore. I get it, I have children and a family, and it was sad to see, as men were embracing their brothers and woman were hugging their dehydrated children wrapped in thermo blankets! I GET IT! We can’t turn our backs on that, or close our eyes to the facts.
We weren’t born there so we have no idea what it is like, and I thank God for the freedom my country provides me with every single day! However, just look at the danger it poses on many levels though, Isis has been known to do the most hellish of things, they pose as refugees and what have you just to enter our countries, their plan… ”World Domination” no doubt! It is so hard to trust our system now, screening? Yeah so what! A wolf always comes to the party dressed in sheep’s clothing, remember that! I don’t impose my own agenda or beliefs on others, never, and one may call me what they wish, it just makes me cringe when I see people being called ” Bigots ” because they don’t welcome the mass. 
You’re all entitled to your opinions as always, it isn’t wrong for people who have lived here for many years, raised families, made empires or small businesses and kept their families afloat, the economy rolling and protected them with all they had and were outstanding citizens too, to refuse their entry, and by no way shape or form does it make them cold and without compassion – Hello! If all of that means nothing to the ones who are complaining then you stand for nothing?!. To want to be able to protect our own and raise our families well, is a HECK of a job, believe me, when other countries refused their entry, such as Dubai and Abudabi and what have you, of course because they have an image to keep, right?! Why are people not mad at them? Their own Arab countries refusing their entry, nice hey! Do they know something we don’t?
This post will be far from perfect, why? Because I won’t be touching on all subjects around this issue, we will be here all day! I hope that when they do start coming, they will assimilate, they will start their journey of independence as quickly as possible and this means a time limit on their welfare and goods being distributed. Our taxes will go up, AGAIN! and so much more, just an abundance of problems will come crashing through, not to mention the possibility of terrorism hiding under a cloak of lies. Let it be known, that if I am ever a victim of any terror, or my family, especially my kids… I will need an army to stop me from whatever I decide is right!
So for now, let’s show the world that we are better, and treat them as humans, no doubt, they need help, Ok come get it, let’s up-ease Isis for a minute, I say this with an open mind, and I’m really far but – FAR – from being heartless!


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