Has the city of Montreal lost it’s mind ?

I can’t help but think that the city of Montreal has some pot of gold stashed away underneath city hall. It would explain how they’re able to spend like drunken sailors during happy hour.Let me recap and analyze some of these mind numbing  “investments” our wonderful city has made recently. 

Allow me to start with the 1.1 million public art installation at Pie-IX and Henri-Bourassa that essentially looks like a giant, fake ferris wheel. The wheel, which is called The Velocity Spots is meant to be a tribute to public transit. Pardon me but am I an idiot in failing to see the relation between public transit and a fake ferris wheel ? Why the hell do we need to pay tribute to public transit. I’m sure that all STM employees felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment when they first laid eyes on this 1.1 million piece of junk. 

Provincial laws in Quebec stipulate that 1% of the total annual budget must be reserved for the construction or renovation of buildings and infrastructure OR art projects OR for Quebec architecture. So I guess the crumbling side walk and streets that I walk and drive on take a back seat to this ferris wheel. 

This second great investment needs no introduction. The much talked about and most hated structure known to man in Western Civilization. Our beloved Olympic stadium will be receiving a 166 million$ face lift. This building reminds me of the character Jason from the Friday the 13th movie franchise, you just can’t kill it. I watched today in sheer amazement while our local politicians looked us straight in the eye and told us that this is a good investment. This over sized toilet bowl generates a pitiful 20 million$ in annual revenue while costing us 1.3 billion$ to construct. So 40 years later, let’s throw another 166 million$ at it and hope for the best. How about we hold some public consultations on how we can use this massive space when we finally knock it down. Parks, public spaces, low income housing, condos, take your pick. Any of these ideas would be better than the current situation. This structure is a constant reminder of our corrupt city and will continue to do so by injecting more money. 

All these great investments during a time when our local and provincial governments are crying poor. Austerity only applies when it’s convenient for the politicians. Despite all this, our Mayor Coderre has a 72% approval rating which is unheard of in political circles. It pays to be a social media whore as it allows Mayor Coderre to keep the blindfold on us while he gives our tax dollars away. Denis, how about you start listening to what the people of this city want and deserve ? Put down your smart phone, take a break from Twitter, stop watching your beloved Habs, stop chasing your pipe dream of bringing back the Expos and just listen to us. Is there anyone left on this island with the smallest amount of common sense ? 

Montreal has lost its mind ! 


2 thoughts on “Has the city of Montreal lost it’s mind ?”

  1. Great piece but a mere tip of the iceberg….700k gazebo…650k cement statue in Lasalle. …1.3 mill on logs substituting as benches…blinding accepting velo quebec recommendations…40 mill lighting a bridge…4 million to buy a baseball farm team without having a MLB team…redoing the same streets 3 times. …buying off his opposition by giving them posts on committees… ruining small businesses and laughing about it….in any other country he’d be history….


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