Jokes “R” Us

Just when I thought that Quebec’s language laws couldn’t get anymore desperate comes the story of Nick Messina. A Montreal man who simply wanted to purchase a Daniel Tiger toy for his one year old daughter Carina. Little did she know that this would lead her father to witness Bill 101 rear it’s ugly head.

In search of this toy, he visited his local Toys “R” Us where they had none remaining in stock. He then called another location and the response he received seems almost too ludicrous to believe. He was informed by the clerk that two of the toys were in stock, but that Messina couldn’t buy it because it was unilingual. Being the dedicated father that he is, he tried to purchase the doll online — only to discover the Toys “R” Us website wouldn’t ship the product to Quebec.

In fact, it’s illegal to sell a unilingual toy unless it has a French-speaking counterpart. Yes folks, it breaks my heart to tell you that we live in a province where it is illegal to purchase a unilingual toy for your child. This should be infuriating to all of us that are part of the anglophone community. Yet it seems as though we’re resigned to the fact that we live in an unreasonable and divisive place. Every day, we slowly lose our rights that are systematically taken away from us right from under our noses. We might as well hand over our children to the state since they decide what schools they can attend and what toys they can play with. 

We have lost all common sense and we’re so far gone that no one knows or is willing to bring us back to reality. How pathetic is a society when a man can’t buy a toy for his child because it only speaks English ? How does this child having this doll threaten the French language in Quebec ? This argument is morally bankrupt. The fact that Bill 101 can find it’s way into this family’s home is terrifying.  

The anglophone community is at a crossroads at this moment in time of Quebec history. We have to ask ourselves, are we comfortable with the status quo or do we need change. It no longer makes sense to have the cancer that is Bill 101 still exist in it’s present version. I long for the day that I don’t have to blog about such nonsense. 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


2 thoughts on “Jokes “R” Us”

  1. That was good Luigi! But, But, please do try in Maine,USA. You can read all abut the Kebekois and their flawed dreams of nationhood!
    Kenneth T. Tellis on Magic City Morning Star in Maine


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