Things that send me into a rage: Part 2

After the immensely popular initial instalment comes the sequal of things that send me into a rage. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to limit this to only a few subjects as it seems as though the world has lost it’s collective mind. I often wonder if there is an uncontrollable desire in humans to want to deliberately complicate so many simple issues. Without further ado, let the fun begin and please note the legal disclaimer that I am not responsible for any offensive comments.

1 – I’m protesting all the protests in Montreal. Frankly, I am at my wits end with all these almost daily student protests against austerity (even though 87% can’t even spell the word austerity). The students have now brought it to another level of absurdity by adding indimidation, breaking and entering, and vandalism to their resumes. All the while you have the Montreal Police and UQAM tip toing around the issue because they’ve lost total control. I’ve got a great solution. Any student caught in an unlawful act will be immediately expelled and will have to pay a heavy fine. I’m sure this will lead them to reconsider if they believe in their noble cause. I’m sick and tired of hearing these whining little brats complaining about an issue they don’t even fully comprehend. Another thing, where the hell are the parents in all this ? My father would have knocked me into next week should I have chosen to dishonor my reputation. One last thing, someone please remind these mindless idiots that they pay the lowest tuition for post secondary education in North America. Make sure to show them the map of where North America is in case they skipped that class.

2 – I think it’s a great idea to invest another 200 Million dollars to renovate the Olympic Stadium. Said no one ever in the entire history of western civilization. I’d like to know who at city hall had the fortitude to suggest this idea. Of Course, we obey and follow like cows being lead to slaughter and continue to pay for this monstrosity that’s long outlived it’s purpose and price. In all our infinite wisdom I can’t believe no one ever stood up and said let’s blow up the eyesore and replace it with social housing, parks, recreational spaces, and schools to help revitalize the area. This whole fiasco is an insult to all Montreal tax payers and how it still stands is beyond comprehension. Scholars will be studying this for years to come.

3 – Potholes and general road conditions in Quebec. No need to add anything to this.


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