A Case for Capital Punishment in Canada

I don’t consider myself to be a religious man. However, I agree when the Bible preaches an eye for an eye. Canada has created a passive-aggressive legal system that would rather hand a harsher sentence to a white collar criminal than to a murderer. I would argue that historically this is the right time for Canada to implement the death penalty.

Canada’s worst criminals are more expensive to house than other inmates, costing taxpayers up to $151,000 a year across 54 federal penitentiaries. With the socio-economic problems that are faced by a large majority of Canadians, this money can be better spent in other programs. They will never again contribute to society in a productive way. The cost to all of us for keeping them alive is greather than the moral argument against it. 

Even if we look at this solely on a moral issue, there isn’t any merit in the argument for anti death penalty advocates. The moment that these criminals decided to perpetrate their heinous crime is the moment they relinquish their right to live among humanity. I am not a believer in rehabilitation nor redemption. Why should they even be given the opportunity or any choice on the matter ? Their victims certainly didn’t.

 Some will argue that the death penalty is barbaric and the state that exercises it as uncivilized. I would counter this by saying should a civilized society allow violent murderers, rapists, and pedophiles to live ? Their existance and blatant disregard for human life is what poisons a civilized society. If a human’s right to live is taken away by another human, then the state should certainly have the same right. An eye for an eye.


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