Scrapping the long-gun registry in Canada

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper has recently decided to scrap Canada’s long-gun registry. Many Canadians seem to be divided on the issue but I say it’s about time. But of course, as I am certain that the sky is blue Quebec  is totally against this decision. How serious was our beloved province ? Serious enough to bring it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. In typical fashion, Quebec lost yet another winless battle. The Supreme justices agreed that the Conservatives had the right to scrap the program and destroy all information.

It’s a shame that Quebec decided to play politics on such an issue. In 2002, the auditor-general revealed that the Firearms Centre had grown out of control. Despite political promises that the program wouldn’t cost more than $2 Million, costs were expected to exceed $2.7 Billion by 2012. As you pick up your jaw off the floor, try to understand why Quebec would want to maintain their own registry. Our own government can’t figure out how to properly fill potholes. What makes them think they can effectively manage a long-gun registry ? They would turn it into a circus that would rival Cirque De Soleil.

Let’s put aside the financial cost, is a long-gun registry effective ? NO, Statistics Canada data shows that anyone who has legally obtained a gun is less likely to be murderous than other Canadians. Firearms owners have been screened for criminal acts since 1979 and since 1992 thay have been stripped of their firearms in cases where they commit a violent crime. Police use the registry between 14,000 to 17,000 on a daily basis across the country. Statistics show that police recover registered long guns in just 1% of homicides. Let’s be brutally blunt, does anyone know a criminal that would register a long gun ? The argument is ludicrous but we’ve come to expect such stupidty from Quebec politicians.

It all makes sense from the point of view of a Quebec politician. Let’s introduce another idea that we can’t afford, that we will mismanage and surpass the budget by at least 250$-500$ Million, that we don’t need and has been proven to be ineffective, only to hold a public inquiry five years down the road to scrap the idea. The public inquiry will cost on average 1$ Million per day and will also be extended numerous times. We all know that it will go down exactly like this. All this while our education,health care, and infrastructure is crumbling like a house of cards.


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