The second coming of the Third Reich

 In light of some new xenophobic and racist remarks made by my best friend PKP, I thought it’s time we call him out for what he truly is. This week he decided to channel his inner Jacques Parizeau with these comments “We don’t have 25 years ahead to achieve sovereignty, with demographics, with immigration, we’re definitely losing one riding each year.”

I recall a certain politician about 75 years ago blaming Jews for all their economic ills that plagued Germany at the time. He even went as far too blame them for standing in their way of their nationalistic aspirations. How is what PKP said any different than what Hitler thought and acted upon ? Luckily,the world will never see such atrocities (even though some would beg to differ) for the belief of a raving lunatic.

This doesn’t make what PKP said any less dangerous and hurtful. Nor does the pathetic attempt of an apology a mere 48 hours after. Peladeau said after the debate that he wasn’t attacking immigrants, but rather demonstrating the importance of reaching out to them in the same way the federal government does.  Is this pompous man delusional enough to think  that immigrants come to Canada because they want to be part of a seperate Quebec nation ? I’m sure reaching out to them will really help your cause that’s been on life support for a while.

As a second generation immigrant of this great Canadian country of ours, I take great insult to his comments. This country and province was largely built on the backs of these same immigrants that he degrades. Perhaps, a good history lesson is in order before he spews out more of his verbal diarrhea. History has thought us to choose our words wisely and to quickly stop a politician in his tracks when they have such radical views. I hope that Quebecers are intelligent enough to see this. 

“Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them” – George Santayana


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