A Military dishonour 

Every once and while I get some radical ideas that pollute my mind. The latest one being the crime of stupidity should be punishable by a good old beat down. I’m sorry but when I see a group of Canadian soldiers turned away from a Montreal bar, this is the first idea that comes to mind. 

To add fuel to the fire, the reason behind it is enough to make you pull your hair out. One reservist was told by the doorman that the restaurant did not want more than 10 uniformed members of the military in the restaurant at the same time because their male clientele might feel intimidated. Planet earth to doorman ! Did you learn this stupidity when you went to the University of United Doormen ? Did you even pass ?

Thank God this doorman has shared his infiniate wisdome with us. Every time I go into a bar and see a uniformed military soldier I feel intimadated. The absurdity of this reasoning is disturbing. I’d like to know how men really feel about seeing uniformed military soldiers in a bar. Are men so insecure that they should be so shallow ? 

The owner of Furco Alejandro Ponce says the incident is an unfortunate misunderstanding. He goes further on to say that the men were denied access because they arrived a half-hour before closing and the bar did not have the capacity to accommodate them. My response to that is I really don’t care how close they were to capacity. If a soldier comes to your establishment you find a way to get them in. Does this soldier close the door on his country when they come calling to defend our liberties and freedom ? I think not.

These men didn’t deserve this and the shame is all on Furco. I hope that they learn from this unfortunate situation. 


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