Hey boss, this is how much you’re going to pay me (just like politicians do)

When I decided to study Political Science in university, I did so with the ambition and child like ideology that I could one day make a difference. I quickly realized that this misconceived notion I had of what being in politics meant would never come to fruition. The sad truth is that our elected officials could care less for their constituents. They constantly spit out there verbal garbage on how they are there to serve the greater good and look after our interests. 

This has never been more evident as it was today. The Quebec Liberal party tabled new leglisation stating that all MNA’s should receive a 40% (this is not an error) salary increase. This would be to bring them at par with what their federal counter parts make which is a staggering $163,700. They are trying to sell this idea by decreasing the lavish extras that they have such as beyond generous pensions and transition bonuses. What’s a transition bonus you may ask ? Here is what Premier Couillard probably said to Yves Bolduc before handing him a 150,000$ cheque. 

“Salut Yves, thanks for being incompetent as an education minister and thanks for leaving me and the entire party in damage control mode. I know that the transition will be difficult for you to go into your private practise as a doctor, please let me reward your ineptitude with this cheque of $150,000 since I know you will probably only make $500,000 as a doctor”

If there was ever a more ill timed proposed legislation I have yet to see one. This suggested increase comes during a time where these same politicians are forcing austerity measures down the collective throats of Quebecers. This brings to mind a great lyric from my favorite band of all time Genesis “Do as I say don’t do as I do”. 

My heart bleeds for these poor MNA’s that are forced to live on a miniscule salary of $89,950. I’m sure that the 7.4% of unemployed Quebecers are sympathtic to your plight. Is there a limit to the level of depravity that a politician can achieve ?

Based on this precedent, I have a call to action to all of you. Tomorrow morning you will enter your bosses office and tell them how much they will be paying you from now on. On second thought, make that retroactive to January 1st, 2015. Yes this sounds ludicrous but is it any more ludicrous than polticians deciding how much they should be paid with our tax dollars ?


One thought on “Hey boss, this is how much you’re going to pay me (just like politicians do)”

  1. All the liberals are doing with these actions like the pay increase and the trip to France is ensuring that the breakup of Canada will happen even sooner because there is no federalist representation at the provincial level in Quebec. How sad they are this selfish and watch the rats leave the sinking ship with the referendum comes in at 50+1 and there is fighting in the streets about the direction of this province. I’m glad I won’t be here to see it – it will be something that Canadians will never forget and leave Quebec in the worst shape that it could ever be in. Foolish, foolish politicians.


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