Montreal + construction quality = 0

I almost crashed the car this morning on my way to see a client. I had to make sure that my ears weren’t playing tricks on me. Mcgill councillor Steve Shanahan was on CJAD discussing the planned urban walkway connecting Mt-Royal to the St-Lawrence. 

Something he said left me in complete disbelief. He recently suggested at a city council meeting that they try new contractors for different projects planned in the city come this spring. Here is the response he received: The city will remain with a certain contactor who has completed over 20 projects. Here comes the good part. The law stipulates (yes there is a law) that once a contractor completes a public works contract, the city isn’t obliged to do any post completion quality assurance. Loosely translated, I can lay out a pile of shit mixed with some oil and pass it off as asphalte. The city would never know 😉

Another astonishing point that was brought up is that the city now systematically goes with the lowest bid. This is like going to the dollar store to buy Halloween decorations knowing you’re going to throw them out a week later. What planet are these rules and laws originated from ?

The silver lining behind of all this is at least we have an explanation on the amazing quality of our infrastructure. I love driving around the city trying to avoid pot holes. I feel like a slalom skiier trying out for the Canadian Olympic ski team. It’s equally satisfying to see how well our taxes are being spent. What ever happened to the old adage, the customer is always right ? Shouldn’t the city be allowed to withold payment or legally pursue a contractor when they deem the work as inadequate ?

The endless parade of stupidity continues in Montreal.



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