Austerity in Quebec

Quebecers are accustomed to debt, whether it be personal or public. The downside to that is if you keep spending like a drunkin sailor , a happy ending is not very likely. It’s become too easy to take advantage of our social programs. There are too many leeches well versed in the fine art of screwing the system.

We finally have a government in place that are trying to practise some fiscal responsibility. What do they get in return ? Every dumbass welfare recipient and clueless student participating in nauseating protests. What would Quebec be without them.

Let’s try to make sense of these numbers:

Quebec’s public sector debt – $273,579,600,000.00

Public sector debt includes the government’s gross debt as well as the debt of the health and social services and education networks, municipalities and other public corporations for which the government is ultimately responsible.

Based on data provided by the Quebec Department of Finance in its 2014-2015 Budget Plan (which does not take into account Quebec’s share of the federal debt), we estimate that the debt increases by: $9.3 billion from now to March 31, 2015, the equivalent of $25 million per day, $17 670 per minute, or $294 per second. 

I’m no economist but these numbers aren’t exactly a sign of prosperity. I can gaurentee you that this debt won’t be forgiven by our creditors. We won’t have Bono campaigning on our behalf either. 

Let’s face reality and admit that these austerity measures are necessary. We need to learn how to properly run our finances and live within our means. We may not like these solutions but we’ve created the circumstances in which they’re needed. 

Did you know that outside Greece, Quebec is one of the highest indebted “country” in the developped world ? We all know how well Greece is doing, don’t we ? Next time you red square idiots decide to protest please remember this stat and do us all a favour go to class !



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