Uber vs the Taxi industry.

Some of you that live in Montreal may have noticed that there was yet another protest today. Taxi drivers are upset at the city for not doing enough to stop the arrival of Uber, a taxi,private car and ride sharing mobile app service. Look at the bright side, there wasn’t any red squares banging on pots and pans.

I must admit that I’m on the fence on this issue. The right of taxi drivers that have invested significant amounts of money for their permits versus the right to free enterprise.

We have a city and province that can’t figure out how to regulate the growing trend of service based sharing apps. Loosely translated means how much deeper can they stick their hands down our pockets and collect more taxes on this undeclared revenue. How can they blame the already highest taxed population in North America on wanting to make an extra dollar ?

On the other hand we have these hard working taxi drivers that maintain they have lost 30% in business since the arrival of Uber in Mtl. What can we do top protect their rights and investment ? I have a proposal: reimburse a portion of the permits that they have already paid equivalent to their lost wages. It is absolutely unfair for a taxi driver who feels the need to work 7 days a week to make ends meet.

Like every other decision that is made in this city, I’m sure they will make the wrong one. We can’t stop progress and I’d really like to see how they can try to regulate or shut down Uber. Service sharing apps such as Uber and Airbnb are the way people are doing business today and even more so in the near future.

All that remains to be seen is how the vultures will come up with a plan to continue gauging Quebecers. Let’s face it, the carcass is dead and there is hardly any meat left. Despite this I remain confident that they’ll figure out a way. It’s the Quebec way !


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