Things that send me in a rage !

Those of you that know me know that there are certain things that send me in a rage. I thought it would be fun to share it with you all. So here we go, the endless parade of stupidity that boils my Sicilian blood.

1- Montreal civil servants protesting pension reform that calls on them to actually contribute to their own pension fund. Hey donkeys, you make more than 30% than any other regular citizen that works for private enterprises. If you’re not happy, resign and give your job to someone that will appreciate it. My five year old son could do a better job of giving out tickets in the Metro and in both official languages.

2- Police officers dressed like Barbie going clubbing at Studio 54. You are an embarrassment to all police officers across the world and to Montreal. I’m sure there exists more professional ways to get your point across. Last time I checked, I wasn’t allowed vandalizing my employers property.

3- Me eyes bleed whenever I see 3 trucks and 10 employees just to fill up pot holes. Once again I have simple economical solution, I can get you one truck and 2 Italian 60 year olds that can do this in half the time and half the budget. In his prime, my dad would be able to do this by himself.

That’s it for now as I’m too angry to continue.


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