Death of a Metropolis

I am proudly born and raised in Montreal. I’ve always loved the vibe, the night life, the food, and every little detail that made Montreal unique. Once considered a leader in industrial and commercial activity, has now been reduced to an irrelevant minor leaguer.

Our great metropolis is now dead. Why ? I can give you a plethora of reasons ranging from politics to taxes. But I’d rather spend my energy on what we can do to resurrect and rise from the shadows of other Canadian cities like Toronto.

It’s simple actually but no one seems to have the balls to do it. Let’s start by making Montreal an official bilingual city, get rid of the km’s and km’s of red tape for businesses, lower business taxes, jail any OQLF inspector that steps foot in any business on the island, and please,please,please figure out a way to solve our pothole problem.

I don’t know if we can make it back to the big show. However, we owe it to all the amazing people that were part of building this wonderful city. Let’s make Montreal that city that everyone wants to visit and be a part of. Above all, let’s get rid of all the ridiculous political, religious, and language issues that have held us hostage far too long.

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