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100 Most Popular Books Of All Time – After two years of careful consideration, Robert McCrum has given his verdict on his selection of the 100 best books written in the English language. Check out his menu

The story of man’s search for truth, told with the simplicity and beauty of Bunyan’s story, has made this a classic English story.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

By the end of the 19th century, no book in the history of English literature had more editions, collections and translations. Cruise’s world-renowned book is a hard-hitting, irrefutable piece of history.

Every Year, 4chan Ranks Their 100 Best Books Of All Time. I Compiled Every List They’ve Ever Released To Create The Ultimate 4chan Greatest Books Of All Time. Here It Is. (oc) :

A satirical allegory that has never left print, Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels is number three on our list of the best novels ever written in the English language.

Clarissa is a desperate woman forced by a wealthy traditional family to marry a rich man she hates in the so-called by Samuel Johnson “the world’s first book on the understanding of the human heart.”

Tom Jones is a classic English novel that reflects the spirit of its time, and its famous characters represent Augustan society in its chattering, boisterous, funny ways.

Laurence Sterne’s vivid novel was admired and feared when it first appeared, and has almost lost its original meaning.

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The greatest joy of The Abbey of Nightmares, inspired by Thomas Love Peacock’s friendship with Shelley, is the author’s delight in satirizing this romantic act.

A classic story with elements of fantasy, it is the only story by Edgar Allan Poe that has captivated and inspired generations of writers.

Charlotte Brontë’s dramatic romantic drama became a sensation in Victorian England. His most important thing is a close conversation with the reader.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

Emily Brontë’s Gone with the Wind is remarkable not only for its wild beauty, but also for its powerful retelling of the genre.

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Set in Regency England, William Thackeray’s masterpiece is a bravura example of a writer at the top of his game.

David Copperfield marked the moment when Dickens became a great artist and laid the foundations for his later darkest works.

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s beautiful book is as full of powerful symbols and inspiration as any of Edgar Allan Poe’s works.

Lewis Carroll’s silly nonsense is one of the most influential and beloved of English literature. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster With Scratcher

Considered by many to be the quintessential English novel, Wilkie Collins’ masterpiece is a beautiful blend of the fantastic and the real.

Aimed at the young women’s market, Louisa May Alcott’s first novel is notable in America and has never been published.

Inspired by the author’s anger at the corrupt government of England and dismissed by critics of the time, As We Live Now is considered Trollope’s masterpiece.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

Mark Twain’s story about a rebel father and a runaway slave seeking freedom on the Mississippi River remains a classic of American literature.

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A heartwarming thriller, a compelling story and a fascinating exploration of Scottish identity, Kidnapped has never lost its power.

In the second Sherlock Holmes novel, Conan Doyle’s brilliant spy and his creepy assistant Watson come into their own.

Wilde’s epic tale of youth, beauty and vice met with cries of protest in print.

George Gissing’s description of the difficult details of literary life remains as relevant today as it was in the late 19th century.

The 100 Most Influential Queer Books Of All Time

Hardy expressed his deepest feelings in this dark, angry book and, frustrated by the angry response, never wrote it again.

Stephen Crane’s story about a young man who comes of age through military service is the blueprint for the American war story.

Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel was very much of its time, but it still resonates more than a century later.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

Joseph Conrad’s masterpiece about a life-changing journey to find Mr. Kurtz has the simplicity of a story.

Literacy Books For Children

Theodore Dreiser is not a writer, but his unflinching story about the American national dream is incredibly powerful.

In Kipling’s classic story, an orphan in British India must choose between east and west.

The colorful illustrations of Jack London the dog, return to the wild, show unique style and perfect story.

This interesting, if far-fetched, story about a hackneyed writer and priest turned Pope shines a bright light on its strange author, who DH Lawrence described as a “demonic man.”

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The choice is great, but the haunting portrait of Wells as a man is just as unique as his story.

Ford’s masterpiece is a poignant exploration of the depravity behind the British man’s face – and it remains a testament to until today.

The Rainbow is perhaps DG Lawrence’s best work, showing him to be a unique, diverse and thoroughly modern writer.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

The story of the breakdown of the marriage in New York is a terrible indictment of a society cut off from culture.

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This picture of one day in the life of three Dubliners remains a unique work that surpasses even Shakespeare in his story.

What this wonderful view of the 1920s of America is not in structure and deception, it is made up of sharp satire and character.

It may be a guilty pleasure, but you can’t miss the lasting impact of a story that helped define the Jazz Age.

Wolfe’s beautiful story turns a day of party planning into a theme of love loss, life choices, and mental illness.

Easton Press 100 Greatest Books Of All Time (best Offers Welcome)

In this first satire of World War I England, a young woman escapes convention by posing as a witch.

Hemingway’s first and best novel takes him to 1920s Spain to explore courage, cowardice and fatherly loyalty.

The impact of William Faulkner’s beautiful story of hard life in rural Mississippi is still felt today.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

Aldous Huxley’s vision of a future society dominated by global capitalism is very similar to Orwell’s most famous dystopia.

Of The Most Popular Non Fiction Books Of All Time

This book is best remembered by Gibbons as a satire of late Victorian literature, but it influenced many generations to come.

The middle section of John Dos Passas’ American trilogy is a turning point in ideas, methods and lasting effects.

The beginning of the American writer was interested in the criminal world of Paris of vulgar sex and changed the course of the story – although there was no struggle with punishment.

Raymond Chandler’s debut vividly brings to life the sinister world of Los Angeles and Philip Marlowe, the fictional detective.

Infographic: The Most Popular Books Of All Time

On the eve of the war, this forgotten modern masterpiece centers on a group of happy young people who are held back by the fog.

Flann O’Brien’s labyrinthine and multi-layered first comedy is a film and example of the Irish story.

One of America’s greatest stories, this study of a family torn apart by poverty and despair during the Great Depression rocked American society.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

Malcolm Lowry’s masterpiece about the last hours of the life of an alcoholic former diplomat in Mexico is shown in the fall of the future conflict.

Chan /lit/’s 2018 Top 100 Books Of All Time

Elizabeth Bowen’s 1948 novel beautifully captures the atmosphere of London during the Blitz, providing an insight into the human heart.

George Orwell’s classic dystopia is very expensive for its author, but it is probably the most famous story in the English language of the 20th century.

JD Salinger’s study of teenage rebellion remains one of the most controversial and beloved American novels of the 20th century.

Golding’s good story about a deserted island, which was first dismissed as “rubbish and stupid”, has become a classic.

Of The Best Historical Fiction Books You Must Read

Kerouac’s soup-and-Benzedrine-fueled take on the Beat Generation classic is as famous as the story itself.

A love story set against the backdrop of the loss of a backpacker, Voss paved the way for a generation of Australian writers to let go of the past.

Her second novel finally came out this summer, but Harper Lee’s first book was enough to establish her fame forever and remain a popular hit.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

Muriel Spark’s short and bitter account of the downfall of a Scottish teacher is a masterpiece of storytelling.

Music Books: 100 Best Of All Time

This poignant anti-war novel was slow to catch on in the public eye, but it is rightly thought of as a scathing critique of the folly of war.

Considered one of the key texts of the 1960s women’s movement, this exploration of a divorced single mother’s search for personal and political identity remains a thrilling, thrilling adventure.

Anthony Burgess’s dystopian classic continues to shock and provoke without being compromised by Stanley Kubrick’s clever adaptation.

Christopher Isherwood’s novel about a gay British man struggling with grief in Los Angeles is a work of brilliance.

Extensive Set, The Franklin Library Collection, The 100 Greatest Books Of All Time #171685

Truman Capote’s non-fiction story, a true story of bloody murders in rural Kansas, opens a window into the darkness of post-war America.

Sylvia Plath’s painful graphic novel à clef, in which a woman struggles with her identity in the face of social pressure, is a key text of English-American feminism.

This humorous story about a young American Jew whose passion for masturbation caused outrage in print, but remains his most impressive work.

100 Most Popular Books Of All Time

Elizabeth Taylor’s fascinating exploration of the idiosyncratic nature of growth is a poignant and poignant portrait of post-war English life as it faced the changes that unfolded in the 1960s.

Books Scratch Off Poster With Scratcher

Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, Updike’s mediocre alter ego, is one of America’s greatest literary heroes along with Huck Finn and Jay Gatsby.

This is the story on which the Nobel Prize-winning author made his name, a kaleidoscopic celebration of the 20th century African-American experience.

The negative view is a. V. S. Naipaul

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